Steam i3bar icon showing broken

I have this issue for about a month now on Manjaro i3. The Steam icon is there and fully usable, it just renders broken:


I tried reinstalling steam but it doesn’t help. I found Steam not showing tray icon thread suggesting I should install lib32-libappindicator-gtk2 (it was missing) but installing it and restarting Steam didn’t help either. Uninstalling it didn’t change anything.

i3bar 4.21
papirus-icon-theme 20220910-1 (using Papirus-Dark)
font TerminessTTF Nerd Font Mono (didn’t change it for at least a year)

What icon pack are you using? Have you tried any others? paprius-icon-theme works well.

I’m using Papirus-Dark from papirus-icon-theme.

Just to make sure, you also have libappindicator-gtk3 installed?

Yes - it doesn’t mention steam in “Optional For” line, though - just saying:

Name            : libappindicator-gtk3
Version         : 12.10.0.r296-2
Architecture    : x86_64
Optional For    : electron10  electron11  electron12  electron17-bin  skypeforlinux-preview-bin  youtube-music-bin
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Install Date    : Tue 17 May 2022 21:19:58 CEST
Install Reason  : Installed as a dependency for another package

I’m not sure why the icon isn’t displaying then. Maybe it’s something i3 related. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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I followed your question on icon packs and tried loading different ones - none helped so I went back to Papirus-Dark. Out of curiosity I did this and it helped:

sudo rm -r /usr/share/icons/Papirus-Dark

reinstalling the package broke the icon again.

I assumed the icon in the pack has some issue displaying on my system but an alternative (I’m guessing from a Nerd font?) displays correctly when this pack is missing. I was wrong - removing every file matching *steam*svg from Papirus-Dark and Papirus didn’t help.

I found out removing /usr/share/icons/Papirus-Dark/index.theme fixes the icon and pcmanfm (file manager) still seems to display icons even after reboot so, I guess, my issue is solved (I’m not aware of any other places where icons are needed on i3).

I’d love to know what’s going on, though. I hate not knowing.

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