Status and notifications, How do i set it back to normal?

I dont know why but my Status and notifications menu has changed from a list to icon. I can’t stand icons and want it back to normally please.

I cant find how to do it though :frowning:


This is feature from Plasma 5.20, unfortunately you can’t back to old appearance. You can request feature switching look in KDE bugtracker.

Unfortunately for you, this is the new way the system tray items are shown in Plasma 5.20.x. I’m afraid you cannot change that. :man_shrugging:

OMG, can the devs’ please stop “developing” this distro, I seem to be loosing function and ability after each update.
So far iv lost the ability to use the sleep function. Been 6 months now iv been desperately trying to figure it out, still fails & im still trying to fix it.
Also a couple of days ago i & others lost some of the panel shortcuts ability to work at all.
Now we have a regression backwards (if you ask me) in the notifications’ tray.

These are all things that can not or no one knows how to fix.

Sorry, i just cant help myself. Its was all great for years but recently I have been banging my head against a wall for 6 months. I understand its free and all. Please forgive my frustration. :frowning:

You seem to be under the impression that the Manjaro developers write all the software. They don’t.

Laptops are not my expertise and this is off-topic, but I presume that you haven’t thought of a hardware failure yet?

That could be a bug introduced by Plasma ─ in which case you should open a bug report at the KDE Bug Tracker ─ or it could be (and in the case of Google most certainly is) because of a lack of cooperation from the companies hosting those services.

It is either way unfair to blame the Manjaro developers for what someone else does wrong. If you can do things better than them, then by all means, create your own spin, or even your own distribution.

Yea i hear you, and i know i shouldn’t vent in such a way. OFC i could not do better but just the thought of trying a different distro is a big no no. It took me 2 years to go through many many distros, with hundreds of problems from printers to video drives and networks etc. Im not even sure i could remember half of how i got stuff all working on here.

As i say please forgive me. Just cathartic for me.

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