Starring files in Nautilus no longer works

Starring files in Nautilus no longer works for some reason.
journalctl -f & click a star *

nautilus[2978]: nautilus-tag-manager: No Tracker connection

It was certainly working before the 2022.06.12 update because I had just used it for marking photos for uploading I had taken at lunch. Now Nautilus shows no starred files at all on the system & stars do not work.

Additionally, I see this error when quitting nautilus

** (org.gnome.Nautilus:3838): WARNING **: 23:23:06.984: Unable to initialize tag manager: SQL logic error
GSConnect: No translation file found for domain

Can’t reproduce. See: FAQ - Tracker

I re-installed Nautilus (Files) but the issue remains.

Tracker seems fine I can search as normal, it is the tag-manager aspect which is not functional.
Is nautilus-tag-manager is part of some other package?

Same here. After last update star files not showing anymore. When press “Star” nothing simply happens. Nautilus version 42.2-1.
When running from console I got this:
** (org.gnome.Nautilus:396149): WARNING **: 12:15:14.100: Unable to initialize tag manager: SQL logic error

Have the same issue. Stars is empty (and I have a lot of theme) :frowning:

@Yochanan seems like this might need moving back to the Stable thread?

I moved your post to a new #support thread for a reason. #announcements posts are not for troubleshooting individual issues.

of course, I did understand the reason to move. I just thought since now 2 other people now seem to have the same issue after the update it might not be individual. I leave it in your capable hands.

Well, I can’t reproduce it; therefore I cannot troubleshoot it myself.

Perhaps see if there’s already an open issue upstream. I didn’t see anything with a quick search.

Downgrading tracker3 & tracker3-miners to 3.3.0 resolves the issue for now.
@Yochanan maybe push a downgrade on the stable branch for those packages?

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Nope. tracker3 / tracker3-miners 3.3.1-1 are in all branches and a lot more than just nautilus depends on them.

One other team member tested on a clean system and can’t reproduce it, either. It is fixed upstream, so we’ll see it in the next point release.

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Issue Fix with 12.7.2022 stable update (Gnome 42.3)

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