[Stable Update] 2022-12-06 - Kernels, Mesa, Plasma, Cinnamon, Nvidia, LibreOffice, Pipewire, Virtualbox

@Unbeknownst you know how to switch kernel with the ‘manjaro settings’ app?

Also: be wary of 6.0.x kernels if you have an AMD graphics card, as the listed issues point out it can cause issues with resume from suspend and hibernate. Best to stick with 5.15 LTS unless you have a specific hardware issue with it that is fixed in newer kernels.

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So is it a problem only for hardware accelerated playback/encoding?
Software decoding and encoding does not require any fees or patents does not apply to them?

It makes no sense for me - being able to decode the stream using an unlicensed software decoder but not on my 1000 eur graphics card from legitimate brand and official distribution, that has hardware decoding listed in its specs.
If MPEG-LA has any problems with AMD they should sue them.
All the decode logic is in the chip itself, not in Manjaro.

Also my old Intel hardware has everything still enabled on open source drivers.

PS. How can we tell, whether for example Gigabyte (manufacturer of my card) did pay all the royalties or not? It is Manjaro problem or Gigabyte problem? I’m also not sure whether my display manufacturer did not infringe any patents applicable for IPS panels, but this does not mean we should turn off display at all in Manjaro…


Ooops, the new Wine version (7.22) doesn’t work for me. It crash immediately my preferred windows game (wolfenstein). Downgrading to 7.20 fix the problem.

Ryzen 5600 - Amd RX570


what are you going to do over there?

Seeking refuge from the Patent Police. :male_detective: :oncoming_police_car:

All good, aside that annoying KDE Plasma bug introduced 2 months ago that is still here
(If you want to remove anything, like an element on your taskbar, is not saved on the next restart. Oddly, modifying something works just fine.)

I’ve update my kernel to version 6.0.11 which also installed linux60-nvidia-390xx-390.157-1 and now I ended up with this message:

Dec 06 19:19:24 manjaro kernel: nvidia: version magic '6.0.9-1-MANJARO SMP preempt mod_unload ' should be '6.0.11-1-MANJARO SMP preempt mod_unload '

I went back to kernel 5.19.

Could have stayed home in Europe for that: software patents don’t apply here.
Probably a family visit and vacation :palm_tree:

I feel I should report that the update which includes Frameworks 100 and all its accompanying 5.100 files went well. The system is stable running the 5.24.7 version of Plasma. Just in case you want to try this combo.

I find myself with no audio after this update. When I turned on my laptop I can hear the sound notification from KDE when I turn the volume up or down, but the moment I start something susceptible to produce sound (a folder in dolphin with music files or the browser) it stops working. I hear no longer the KDE notification sound nor any sound played. I already tried removing the config files from pulseaudio from ~/.config but no luck


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Unless the manjaro dev’s change their minds that’s one of the solutions, you could also try using the version on the arch repo, but I’m not sure how well that would work.
I would rather not need to compile it but there nothing else I can do about this :man_shrugging:.
(I’m just a normal user of the distro)

Does anyone know if this also affects/disables RDP connections via Remmina?

No. How could that possibly be related to GPU hardware acceleration in general let alone via proprietary codecs? :thinking:

RDP protocol seems to make use of H.264 ‘somehow’

Thanks, that’s helpful. Please create a separate #support topic regarding the issue for further discussion.

Sorry I can’t be more specific. My experience was simply that I couldn’t get RDP connections work without installing H.264 in addition to Remmina. Also Remmina Plugins mention H.264.
Yes, I will create a separate topic on this issue. Thanks

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@gefri Interesting will try out tomorrow, (also use Remmina for RDP connection) and report here if it’s working or not

No issues on my side

SONY VAIO Latop with XFCE has no Issues.

Currently, installing to Pioneer DreamBook with KDE.

DELL 5110 Laptop with KDE and nVidia Video, waiting.

EDIT; DreamBook with KDE and Linux Kernel 6.x… no issues

EDIT: DELL 5110 with nVidia Video Card… No issues

That’s great, but status update posts don’t benefit anyone. Please cast your vote in the poll included in the first post. That’s what it’s there for. :wink: