[Stable Update] 2022-10-05 - Kernels, Systemd, AMDVLK, Deepin, Pamac, QEMU, Thunderbird, Firefox, 0 A.D., Gradience, Linux Firmware, WINE, GNOME, Pipewire

I just got this too. Do other QT apps fail?

Try sudo dmesg | grep libQt6 and see if you any results (I do)…

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That got fixed with todays update. mkvtoolnix 70.0.0-3: rebuild after libebml ABI breakage · archlinux/svntogit-packages@824f07e · GitHub Also the issue with vlc got addressed: FS#76096: rebuild after libebml ABI breakage · archlinux/svntogit-packages@487b1b4 · GitHub


Yes. Texstudio is failing on my side as well.

sudo dmesg | grep libQt6

Results in:

[   21.161480] telegram-deskto[2616]: segfault at 58 ip 00007f562bf8547c sp 00007ffdec35dfd0 error 4 in libQt6Gui.so.6.4.0[7f562bd06000+579000]
[   30.113995] texstudio[3618]: segfault at 58 ip 00007f6cb238547c sp 00007ffcf6fc96d0 error 4 in libQt6Gui.so.6.4.0[7f6cb2106000+579000]
[  104.063510] texstudio[6302]: segfault at 58 ip 00007fe82278547c sp 00007fff47a1ccf0 error 4 in libQt6Gui.so.6.4.0[7fe822506000+579000]
[  132.667264] texstudio[6439]: segfault at 58 ip 00007fc37ab8547c sp 00007ffcd91665e0 error 4 in libQt6Gui.so.6.4.0[7fc37a906000+579000]
[ 4090.440813] telegram-deskto[10697]: segfault at 58 ip 00007f583d58547c sp 00007ffc93e914e0 error 4 in libQt6Gui.so.6.4.0[7f583d306000+579000]

Same for me (even after the update 2022-10-10).

$ sudo dmesg | grep libQt6

[12672.471094] telegram-deskto[38827]: segfault at 58 ip 00007ff55d2fd47c sp 00007ffe2da06b30 error 4 in libQt6Gui.so.6.4.0[7ff55d07e000+579000]

The problem is still not listed in the “known issues” on top of that page. @philm , can you add it?