[Stable Update] 2022-09-12 - Kernels, LibreOffice, KDE Gear, KDE Frameworks, Firefox, Thunderbird, Pipewire, Mesa

It’s a bit like roulette IMO

3rd party themes, widgets, panels etc?

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Amongst others, no doubt. But, hey, as far as I’m concerned my current “issue” isn’t really an issue(as in a deal breaker) insomuch as it’s little more than a niggle…and no doubt there’ll be a fix relatively quickly :wink:

OK I did that config change, cleared the cache and refreshed the updates list, I’m still seeing a bunch of updates that will go through if I hit Apply, such as: kdecoration 5.24.6-1 → 5.25.5-1, kwin 5.24.6-1 → 5.25.5-1

Will that cause issues if I go through with that? Or are those “independent” binaries

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You are attempting a partial update, which is not recommended and definitely not supported.


In fact that is the only issue I have so far found with the new KDE releases. For me it is a new Dolphin tab, not a new instance. A minor irritation.

You might want to look here:

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I had the same issue on one of my computers but rather than wait, I was able to verify that the upgrade was completed by reviewing /var/log/pacman.log using TTY. After rebooting all was well.

Well, some guys demanded for the opposite instead.

Well, there’s a reason why testing branch and unstable branch exist, they can just switch to those branches if they really want those new features. They have the choice to do it.

However, as we’ve seen, Plasma 5.25 update is not working for everyone, and there’s already a plenty of people having issues with this Plasma version. Some even went as far as: “Pls hold Plasma back at 5.24. 5.25 is buggy, blah blah”

P/S: Controversy never fails to amaze me


See David Runge’s comment here: FS#75758 - [python-poetry] Wrong dependency version, python-cleo

I can’t add widget to my Kde, every time I click “Add Widgets” the desktop crushs

This is a common problem people are having (including me). I read somewhere on reddit that the issue is the global menu widget. If you remove it, you can add widgets again. If you add the global menu widget again, the problem reocurrs. I haven’t personally verified this.

I don’t know what exactly you folks did (and other folks in kernel, KDE, and other software teams), but my long-standing laptop issues with 5.16+ kernel hanging on boot and brightness / screen locking are finally gone, and it’s such a breather

Thank you very much!! :grinning: :grinning:

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As others here shared, autostart is seemingly useless this update. Steam seems to work perfectly which makes this kind of odd.

Thank you for the pointer. I haven’t been able to make any progress. As indicated in that thread, downgrading to a pre-1.2 version results in tracebacks with python-poetry-core.

I can see that I have python-cleo 1.0.0a5-2 installed from the official repository. However, I am still getting the ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cleo.events' traceback.

I’m not really sure what my next option would be. Apart from uninstalling the packages and attempting to install 1.15 manually.

Everything works fine except mouse after waking up from suspend losing acceleration settings. If I go to settings and change any option / apply / change option back / apply → acceleration works again, same as before.

Mouse is Logitech MX Master 3 (BT connection).


My wallpaper was changed automatically right after reboot, but it’s a different one. Some crazy wallpaper with way too many colors, my eyes are still bleeding.

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Came here to report exactly the same. It took months for KDE devs to fix this problem in the past, and now it’s back again. Amazing…