[Stable Update] 2021-12-16 - Kernels, KDE Gear 21.12.0, Gnome Extensions, LibreOffice

It’s still in AUR

The multiple monitor crash is now fixed for me too with this update. Many thanks.

Can you add information about Optimus to the starting post? Installing from AUR seems to solve it for most people, temporarily.

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Nope. It’s been dropped to the AUR.

Don’t know if this is a manjaro issue but after the update, my steam home folder (for downloads) got reset. I added the correct folder back in and everything works. No other issues thus far

This happened to me with the last update. It seems happening again.

I experienced/noticed this issue too after this Stable update… and got to thinking it might have something to do with wine being updated at/around the same time, and but found it was installed 6 days before this stable release…

$ grep -i wine /var/log/pacman.log
[2021-12-10T14:52:45-0600] [ALPM] upgraded wine (6.21-1 -> 6.23-1)

hmm… had I really not clicked an html link for 5-6 days post wine update? Possible, but not so sure about that being probable with my typical use. :man_shrugging:

I had two issues after the update that I resolved:

  • I use termite terminal, It couldn’t start after the update so I didn’t have access to the terminal. It was one version behind, I had to switch to tty update it via AUR and it worked after that (yay -S termite)
  • rofi configuration structure changed so it couldn’t start. In ~/.config/rofi/config.rasi I needed to remove the theme from configuration {} block and add it outside of the block: @theme "example"

Everything is working fine now.

It appears with nvidia 470xx drivers and with 5.14, 5.15 and 5.16rc4 kernels as well. It’s not even possible to enter tty for me as keybard is not responsive; only hard reset brings PC back to life.

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Ah cool … after the Breeze-Icon update from today the Dolphin Icon now seems to conform to the selected Highlight color. :+1:


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I have issues with three apps: Thunderbird, Firefox and LibreOffice.

Thunderbird and Firefox have obviously issues with a file called “pkcs11.txt”. As soon as I remove the file from the respective vonfiguration folders, Firefox or Thunderbird will start. If I leave it in the folder, they get at best as far as displaying a window frame, but nothing else. It seems that at least for Thunderbird this is important for the password safe, because after I removed that file, I had to enter all the passwords for every account every time I access a mail on imap accounts… the passwords wouldn’t be stored in the password safe. I haven’t found any effect in Firefox yet, but maybe that’s because I hadn’t to enter many passwords.

The LibreOffice failure is strange: when I try to open it with a file as parameter, it gets stuck just showing the window frame. I can create new files when I open LO without a file, I can save them, but I can not open any files from disk.

Both problems occured already with the major update on 2021-12-11. I run KDE. Kernel 5.10

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LXQt keybord shortcuts stopped working and the GUI to set them was blank. Changing the ~/.config/lxqt/globalkeyshortcuts.conf permissions to be writable by the group and rebooting fixed the issue.

Psst, that feature will officially come with KDE Frameworks 5.90 next year …


This is an xorg bug in version 21.1.2

An upstream bug report has been filed and fix has been committed. Arch Linux forum has a thread on this too. Please see:


Downgrading xorg-server and xorg-server-common to 21.1.1 was the only solution that worked for me.

Edit: added links after obtaining Discourse trust level 1


I had issues in the last stable update, so I chose to ignore future wine updates (put in ignore list).

This updated has totally broken vagrant and virtualbox. Any VMs created with vagrant, http(s) ports 80/443 are no longer forwarded to the guest. (I suspect other ports as well). Now none of my development environments work properly. Although ssh and mysql 3306 still work

I am trying to figure out what has changed. I believe it has to be something in this update because everything has been working fine for years prior to this.

Any ideas? This is a huge show stopper for me.

@ScottM thank you for sharing that one; indeed, downgrading those two packages solved that issue; now we need to wait for that bug to be fixed. Cheers!

I don’t know if this experience is related to your issue or not… but my partner lost access to her Synology (network NAS) mapping we had mounting within /etc/fstab via NFS. Ended up that when we did a manual sudo mount ... (which referenced the fstab settings) that it recreated a symlink which restored the Mountpoint functioning and restored her Synology access via NFS.

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I do not think it’s related to that. It seems like a DNS issue. I can ssh into the VM, i can ping the VM, but host names are not resolving to the VM.

For example, the IP I have configured for the VM in the vagrant file is:

Then in my /etc/hosts file point it to the domain i have configured. mydevbox.local

But it’s no longer resolving after this last update. I am stumped.

Having the same issue, thanks for your solution.
20N2004AGE ThinkPad T490