[Stable Update] 2021-07-13 - Kernels, Plasma 5.22, Cinnamon 5, Gnome 40, LibreOffice, Mesa, Nvidia, Pamac

wayland in not there yet, i know xorg is ancient but it is far more mature than wayland.

But in last ISO wayland session is enabled by default and you can choose session.

With mixed (hi)dpi screens the minor inconveniences outweigh the hassle of trying to scale my screen on xorg tbh.

Update broke configuration functionality of dash-to-dock. Does anyone know how to get it working again?

Define that, please. I was hoping 69+14+g302c693-4 fixed the broken settings dialog but haven’t received any feedback yet.

Settings for dash-to-dock can’t be displayed.

No it did not.

I’m getting this error:
The settings of extension dash-to-dock@micxgx.gmail.com had an error:

Error: GSettings key preview-size-scale not found in schema org.gnome.shell.extensions.dash-to-dock

Stack trace:


I have switched from KDE Manjaro to Gnome Manjaro about 2 weeks ago, used the Material Shell with it and absolutely fell in love with the workflow, but this update has caused the Material shell to either break or it has been changed in a way that i can’t use it anymore.

Pressing the super key no longer launches the Gnome Shell/full screen app launcher with virtual desktops visible in vertical(now horizontal, which i am fine with), but instead a different app launcher slides open from the left panel to the right covering not much of the screen. I have checked the hotkeys in both the Material Shell and in Gnome’s settings and i have found no such keybind or problems with it. If i turn the Material Shell extension off, there are no problems, the app launcher/virtual desktop switcher opens normally, but like i said with the Material Shell extension enabled a weird app launcher slides open and super + w doesn’t work either with it, can only go between virtual desktops downwards, must use the mouse instead.

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I reproduced the issue and it should actually be fixed now with 69+14+g302c693-5. :crossed_fingers:

Nice! When can we expect to see an update?

I just pushed it to all branches, sync with an up to date mirror.


I have same issue.and ulauncher extensions are broken.

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Pulseeffects for Pipewire has been renamed to Easyeffects

There seems to be a lot more effects active than should be needed for equalising audio levels

The ‘perfect EQ’ gag will be 18 years old since it was first posted for iTunes and adopted as a Mac preset

You might want to consider trying some other LADSPA plugins for controlling audio levels
The fast-lookahead-limiter from swh-plugins or vlevel-git can equalize volumes with one plugin

Same here. Process Murderer is broken.

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Hi, I have the same issue as @frank-bxl.
I get stuck in a login loop when I try logging in on GNOME (Xorg). I can login just fine when I switch to Wayland. I can even login into Wayland → Log out → Log back in as Xorg and that works too.
Only when logging in to Xorg after boot I get stuck in a login loop.
I’d like to resolve this as I prefer using Xorg because screen sharing is not possible (without workarounds) on Wayland

GNOME 40, Kernel: 5.4.131-1-MANJARO, DE: GNOME, WM: Mutter

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May want to try creating a new conf file, deleting your existing one: Xorg - ArchWiki

I have only one conf file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d and it is 00-keyboard.conf.
Any idea what exactly I should change in the conf file to fix this issue?

Does your computer have only one GPU?

Yes, it has a Ryzen 5 3500u CPU with Vega 8

Settings work in the new update! I had to delete /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/dash-to-dock@micxgx.gmail.com/schemas/gschemas.compiled so that Pacman would install the new version. The only problem I’ve noticed so far is that the Opacity slider doesn’t work, but this doesn’t affect my personal usage.

After update I got a black screen :expressionless:
I can login to the system but after logging in I just see a black screen with a cursor, there is no desktop and taskbar.
But I also can open terminal(using shortcut) and other programs.
Does anyone have any suggestion?
System Info:

$ screenfetch
OS: Manjaro 21.1.0 Pahvo
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.4.131-1-MANJARO
WM: KWin
WM Theme: Kvantum
GTK Theme: Breeze [GTK2/3]
GPU: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 5500 (rev 09)