[Stable Update] 2021-03-08- Kernels, Plasma 5.21.2, Haskell, Kodi, Grub, KDE-Dev

Was the grub/os-prober change on purpose? Because I think it deserves a proper mention in the announcement.

I have added the mentioned line to /etc/default/grub and
now Windows 10 starts again.

no issues at the first impression but i’ll check a litle bit mor before i vote. Thanks Manjaro-Team for your work.

Related to grub not finding other OSs: It is wanted by upstream to do so for security reasons: broken patch; fixed patch.

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Windows dual boot broken. Surprisingly, no one checked this before release. It is enough to run update-grub to get problems.


All fine here: linux510 + XFCE + LUKS / BTRFS
possible to update the meta Pakages for linux-lts and linux-latest

@nightmare-2021 and @philm ?


Upgraded to linux511 and I removed the Meta packages I do manual Kernel upgrades now mhwd-kernel -i linuxYZZ

Update works fine here without any problems :+1:

Thanks to the manjaro-team.


Update went smoothly here (Lenovo Ideapad 5 14 with AMD 4600U), but wake from standby doesn’t seem to work anymore with kernel 5.11.2 (coming from the 5.10 series).
I briefly see a corrupted screen, then a black screen with mouse pointer, which can still be moved. After a couple of seconds mouse pointer freezes and I have to shut the laptop down…

Went back to 5.10 for now, maybe I’ll retry later with 5.11 series after a couple more fixes.

we might drop both packages with the next stable update cycle …

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Same here, and to add insult to injury grub style was set to hidden so I was initially completely blind.
Restored style to menu, realised windows had diappeared, so had to reset os_prober in /etc/default/grub as well, grub-mkconfig to check and update-grub to restore in working order.
I really wasn’t expecting to be debugging computers tonight.

There’s a line to add at the beginning of /etc/default/grub, bottom of the first option block :


Then run grub-mkconfig to check the script, and finally update-grub (as root).


Thanks. Apparently this is now standard grub behavior.

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All good after update on: Lenovo T420s with Linux 5.10.x and i3.

Big thanks to all involved in the Manjaro’s development.

after edit etc/default/grub all is ok

With new chromium 89 : not a bug but a feature :smile: connection to google account is no longer possible

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I also had the GRUB issue and the weird thing is al of a sudden I had an Ubuntu boot option in my BIOS and in the output of sudo efibootmgr -v
Never installed Ubuntu, had a KDE Neon install in the past but I’m 100% sure I already removed all unnecessary boot options in the past.
I have a dual boot system, Manjaro KDE and Manjaro i3 on seperate drives with each their own bootloader.
After adding the GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false to GRUB, reinstalling GRUB on both drives, updating GRUB, running mkinitcpio -P and deleting all unwanted entries in efibootmgr the system seems stable again.

Now I finally can have a bite to eat cause I’m starving!

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Why that?


Update works fine without any problems.
Thanks to the manjaro-team!

It was a flawless update until I rebooted a second time and noticed my system was booting up straight to Manjaro :neutral_face:

Oh man! my significant would have killed me if she was not able to boot up Windows (I don’t care in my case anyway) :joy:

Adding the line in the GRUB config and running grub-mkconfig and then update-grub as others suggested above worked for me, so no Timeshift for now. :slightly_smiling_face:

To the Team, thanks again. Looks like you guys have been busy rolling out updates every two weeks. What about a little break for summer?? :+1:


Everything went fine. KDE desktop with AMD GPU.
Full support for your right to declare your beliefs, and this case complete support those beliefs as well.