[Stable Update] 2020-10-19 - Kernels, Nvidia 455, Browsers,

I fixed this issue by replacing the 450 Nvidia driver to 455 driver as you mentioned here. Now Steam is working properly and I can play my games again.

For those who wonder how to update the driver, follow these instructions, but before doing mhwd --install pci Your455Family and right after doing pamac remove for each driver installed (including the 450 driver) - which you can list by typing mhwd --listinstalled - you also have to uninstall each of the driver installed (ex. for removing the 450 driver: mhwd --remove pci Your450Family). This last part is not mentioned in the linked tutorial, but I had to do those steps to be able install the 455 driver.

I’m using Kernel 5.4.72-1 LTS (Recommended).


Kernel 5.9 breaks my bluetooth mouse connection. Need to reconnect after each reboot. This only affects my bluetooth mouse but not my bluetooth keyboard.
It’s a knowm issue and apperently affects all bluetooth devices that only support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). EDR and LE bluetooth devices are not affected.

Same thing with steam. Checked twice, broke twice. Might be tied with the guy having problems with wine games.

cinnamon 5.4, all good, thanks again.

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Update was clean, but a few things to note…

Getting my system updated along with VMWare Workstation 16 and Nvidia 455:

Nvidia drivers very easily and cleanly with the Manjaro Settings Manager BUT you need to uninstall cuda for some reason to get it to not error out. Just install it again after updating.

VMWare Workstation 16 needs its modules updated. Best way to do this whenever there is a new kernel is to reinstall it from the AUR. After it has updated the dkms modules reboot and type in a terminal:

modprobe -a vmw_vmci vmmon

this should load the modules needed to keep vmware working. I do this every time I update as well. Just thought I should post this to help anyone who is confused by this as much as I used to be.


Thanks for the informations.

Update on 2 computers (KDE plasma) without problem.
However I cannot use linux59 because linux59-nvidia-390xx is not in the repositories. Will it come later?

Edit :

I will wait.

Steps 1 through 5 I had tried but apparently the last step is crucial to making it all work. thank you.

Both my Wifi and my ethernet stop working after updating to 5.9. (I am now in 5.8 again because I know it works). The vote/poll said to post about my problems so I am.


That is expected as CUDA or other tools may be build against your currently installed drivers version so changing drivers version requires you first remove this programs relying on a specific version, then you reinstall them for the new driver version.

All went fine on my main machine via TYY update, GNOME, 5.4 Kernel and NVIDIA 440.

Keep up the good work!

This package no longer exists at AUR.


SUPER smooth with 5.8, GNOME and Nvidia 455.


So far no additional issues which rised up due previous issues.

Could the commands for Resolving the nvidia-450-xx-utils vs nvidia-440xx-utils conflict be executed in a Konsole or Yakuake terminal window? Or has it be in a barebone tty like the recommended way of updating Manjaro?

Question about that directory permission difference of dhpcd: Isn’t there a way to repackage this package with an additional post_upgrade or post_transaction hook which chmods the directory with the correct permissions?

Amended here

Just updated, the problem with Nvidia was fix by

sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -S manjaro-keyring
sudo pacman -Suu

Use virtualbox-ext-oracle. Known issues post is updated.

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I already use this package, I was just informing you.

The Manjaro team could make this package available, many are unaware that they have to use a version below that available at AUR.

which one did you mean?

Anyone else having lag issues with KDE? It just feels so much slower and more laggy after 455, and I can’t downgrade because that breaks Steam. God I wish I hadn’t updated…