Spyder crashes upon opening

Hello! I installed Manjaro gnome and then Spyder a week ago. Whenever I start Spyder it freezes and gives me the ¨not responding¨ message after a few seconds. No matter how many times I click ¨wait¨ Spyder just freezes again until the next same message pops up. So I cannot do anything with Spyder. I tried updating everything today and nothing has changed.

I think I had something similar, it froze at one point or another when starting. I can’t find the thread back, it was on a forum, but if my memory serves me right:

I believe that if you run spyder --reset, then edit the file ~/.config/spyder-py3/config/spyder.ini with, at least:

check_updates_on_startup = False
enable = False
call_to_action = False
show_installation_dialog = False
show_onboarding = False
show_installation_error_message = True

I can’t be entirely sure, as I can’t find the thread back, there may be other lines to change. Then again, if you find the thread, they also changed one line which was not needed for me and deactivated dark mode or something, and they were all complaining about dark mode not working.

PS: For me, the last version of spyder (5.0.0) does not work, it only arrived a few days ago so it shouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you updated, then try downgrading and applying the fix. I wrote it there.

Most python apps can be installed outside of the OS’s python,
so theoretically you can uninstall the spyder you got via manjaro
and install it again from pyPI, but to a different location.

One way is to install with pip and the --user flag, which installs into your home folder.
Another way is to make a python virtual environment for it (if you know how).

@vogu66’s post mentions Qt, so if the error is caused by a mismatch with the PyQt version, you’ll probably need to also install PyQt (or PySide) via pip with --user.
And so on…

The general idea is that when a python app is started in user space, it imports dependencies from user space, and falls back to importing from system space for whatever is not installed in user space. and vice versa for sytem python apps.

Me too,
brand new system, fresh install, Qt Creator installed and works fine, iPython and Jupyter console likewise, but Spyder is crashing/freezing on startup.
When launched from a terminal I get a couple of errors reported:
No QCoreApplication instance found. Application patches not applied. You have to call load_stylesheet function after instantiation of QApplication to take effect.
QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 1880, resource id: 0, major code: 18 (ChangeProperty), minor code: 0
Apparently these are just informative, and not actually serious: over verbosity of KDE/Qt.

The information posted by vogu66 doesn’t apply because the format and location of the config files has changed. I get the check_updates_on_startup option, but the [kite] section is missing. Also it’s worth noting the worrying trend in software development, apps that require internet connections to function normally and so called open source packages coming with closed source/commercial warez as co-dependencies (e.g. kite). Which code completion tool should be a post install option, an add-on/add-in. The reason I allude to an internet connection being required is that I can see 4 threads of QtWebEngineProcess running, and htop reveals a whole zoo of web goodness happening in the background… possibly there is a firewall collision, duff servers, lack of account causing problems etc etc etc