"Sorry, you can't include links in your posts."

I know I got the Basic level after 1 day. Did you do the little discobot tutorial? I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it.

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Such a short-sighted statement. There are many times when links and images are important.

A new user might post that they are experiencing an issue, then search the forum, find a possible solution in a separate thread or on Arch forums, or somewhere else. It would be useful to be able to reference those links so we understand what steps they have taken to troubleshoot.

Sometimes screenshots are useful. I encountered an error where my computer stopped recognizing any network devices. How would be a good way to get long terminal outputs from that computer? Can’t access the internet, so I can’t paste it into a post. Only real useful strategy is to take a photo with my phone.

Those are just two of many examples. It’s not always just a matter of communication skill.

The forum operators have said they’ve wanted to make the new forum more Newbie friendly. Well this isn’t a newbie friendly “feature”.

Edit: Just for example, one of my previous posts. Please explain to me how not having links is better than actually having those links in better illustrating an issue.


I agree that links can be helpful - in the sense @moson mention - especially if they are references to the the source of the comment e.g. Manjaro wiki and Arch wiki as well as links internal to the forum and the now archived forum. References to the source of a given advise is also acceptable.

External links in the sense of news sites, youtube videos etc is of very little value.

Learning to put your issue into a textual form is necessary and the foundation for asking smart questions.

It is also necessary to formulate useful comments which provides long term value.

I don’t think it is short-sighted - it is the opposite - it will provide long-term value to the community where topics and comments is serious well phrased communication.

Facebook, Instagram and platforms like it can be used as communication but is poison for a problem solving community and for a lack of better term - it degenerates our way of communication.

Many moons ago Manjaro forum had a user which insisted on communication using video!

Can you image a technical forum where everyone communicates using screenshots, youtube videos and screen casts?

Such communication does not serve the purpose of providing long term value.


I needed to post a link to an old Manjaro wiki page that I’d written (before my trust level went up) as it had a script & directions for use in it. To get around the problem I just left the “h” off of the front of the URL. :slight_smile:

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Hi Michal, Good to see you back! :innocent:

  • The optimus manager guide would go here
  • You’ll be able to post images soon enough:


(Just read a bit more than you’re used to)

:wink: :grin:


Before the update broke the forum and the archived forum was created, I could include links. In the new forum or is it the current forum, I could create links. Something changed within the last 10 days, which was the last time I was able to add hyperlinks.

Anyone that wants to add a link to a post, just make it preformatted text. It won’t be a hyperlink, but you will be able to add links here to the archived forum and to other documentation and resources to assist fellow manjaro users.


Agree. Not only do you want to solve a Manjaro user’s problem, but you want any user to be able to solve problems on their own in the future; Tell them the solution and them show them the solution, or at least the documentation. I always ask myself, how did they (the person that solved the problem) know to do that. It’s how we all learn and grow. Plus there is some great documentation out there. It’s all about empowering the user with knowledge. Yeah Linux and your chosen desktop :slight_smile:

Did I just miss the announcement that many of us would lose the ability to add hyperlinks? Because I had in the archived forum, and then I had it when I created my id in the new forum, and then it just went away.

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The old forum crashed and we all had to start at 0 again.

There is nothing the admins can do about it as it was a database corruption that had been going on for a long time already so all backups were affected too!

You’ve lost things, I’ve lost things and Linux-Aarhus has lost more than you and me put together!

Let’s all face reality together and move on…

:sob: :man_shrugging:


open forum urgently from scratch, then it took a few days to make the settings especially permissions. Now is good for permissions (good setting)


Maybe someone has to test backups from time to time. I mean what is the point of backups if it gives you false hope?

I know, old cows..

I know, I am fetching old cows out of the ditch

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@papajoke , @Fabby
HHHhhmmm… I think there is a misunderstaning. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I read the announcement on the original problem a long time ago. I know about the archived forum. That’s all history.

I’m only on this thread because I searched the current forum why I was suddenly getting a message saying I couldn’t include hyperlinks because, and this is the strange part, for several weeks I could add hyperlinks to the current forum. I thought the message was a one off, and ignored it, but after several times I thought I’d investigate. I don’t know much about Discourse, and I didn’t see any announcement here that anything changed. So now I know there wasn’t an announcement, it’s not me :slight_smile: , and some setting was changed some time after we re-created our accounts on the current forum.

Here’s a post of mine that I posted on August 24th with lots of hyperlinks. I Re-Joined on August 15th (the same day as the Announcement for the New/Current forum). I don’t view the forum everyday, but from the 15th to at least the 24th I could add hyperlinks.

What are some commands new users should know in Manjaro?

The Announcement for the New Forum:

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yes, we tell you! the final adjustments are just made afterwards: 2020-08-26 :

we are 15 000 forum users and you are 15 000 - 131 in the same case. When forum was created, there were priorities and permissions were not one of them…
you would have preferred that the forum opens later, that stable update is delayed for several days and not to be able to write link from the beginning ? it’s a new forum with new maintainers, so it took time to set everything up when everything is new, be a bit tolerant :grin:


lol, the thousands of posts that some of us old timers have lost via the multiple Manjaro forum crashes since 2011 has to be laughed at.

Who are you? Your past posts? Have we lost ourselves when we forget our history? (good question I think).

Every post a winner I say! :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to be irritating to Manjaro staff, but ignoring people doesn’t make them forget they asked multiple time something when other people were derailing the thread into “images bad, links bad, you don’t need them, blabla off topic, blabla”.


The main issue is here, forum tell them they have XX permission but they do not, hence the question in the opening post, as the guy noted, as I also demonstrated.

So, logical question, following opening thread, now that this has been established what will you do about it? You seem to completely ignore that when it is the origin of the issue here (edit: not opening post but following messages). That’s weird when it is staff who derail threads…


Exactly it’s the big trouble.
We still have to find translators and modify 4 fields and the maintainer to find the time. I am relatively pessimistic

Not sure if you’re sarcastic about the insignificance of the wrong badges description to deny the question, or if you’re sarcastic to point that it would take around 10 to 15 minutes (upload of the file included) to adjust the english strings of a few words and google translate them for other languages (or ask in the forum to the community who would do it instantly without usual google translate non sense mistakes)?


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nothing sarcastic in what I say - i liked your message ! (but my English is bad, ok)
I say that the forum administrator is overworked: open source is collaboration and mutual aid. If you think that administrator has time to change this texts himself … you can wait a long time.

So if we want a change (I agree with you), it’s up to us to retrieve texts / change / translate and only when there will be a good number of them we can ask the administrator to modify this texts.
ps: no file to download or replace, the administrator has in his dashboard a place to modify these fields.


OK no problem at all lol

But we can’t really help on the matter as we don’t really know the changes to default permission so we can not provide accurate badge description.

Anyway I will untrack this thread now it is solved for me and issues have been raised, it’s up to staff now.


I was only going to post a link to a page on the old forums. Kind of external, kind of not. Someone raised an issue that had been raised before.

It is a brand new forum, it takes a while to iron out the kinks. & as papajoke stated, it is all voluntary labor.

Gratitude is the best attitude… :wink: