Something is very wrong with baloo_file_extractor again

Baloo is the file indexer for KDE and its no surprise that after the recent big update it would need to run again, but something is seriously not working correct.

I noticed that my system felt sluggish after the update and today i discovered why.

Baloo was constantly using 10% of my CPU, 3 GB of ram and would perma read with 10mb/s from my SSD.

And its been doing this ever since the update.

balooctl status

Would show me its index database is 8GB big with 1.5 million files in the index. I dont even remotely have that many files on my system.

When going into “File Search” in the options ( just search for it in the KDE menu ) and disabling File Search i was asked if i want to remove the currently existing index. In this menu it showed the size of 160mb, which was in vast contrast to the 8GB file i was looking at in Dolphin.

So i clicked “yes delete it” ( which removed the 8gb index file), rebooted and now everything is back to normal.

This seems to have been an issue 2-3 years ago also :

Do you happen to be using btrfs?
Baloo - ArchWiki

I do run btrfs yes. The bug you linked seems to be it yeah.

Never noticed this baloo behaviour before the update, but maybe i just wasnt looking for it.

Hope this will get resolved soon, because thats a pretty nasty bug.