Some issues after Plasma 6 update

Hello folks,

As much as I understand and am aware of, you cannot update Manjaro without getting Plasma 6. Luckily, my issues after the update are not as severe as the ones some of the folks experience after the update to Plasma 6.

When the Package Manager prompted for an update, 4.5gb in size, I made a complete backup with TimeShift without knowing that my system would be upgraded to Plasma 6. To be honest with you, even a backup is not the solution here. What am I going to do? Never update my system, not to get Plasma 6?!? As soon as you update your system, regardless of your system backup, you’re getting Plasma 6 again!

After reboot, as soon as I noticed the “floating” panel, I was like “Oh no! This is Plasma 6!!!”

Given the fact that I had major issues in the past with Manjaro due to deepin related packages inadvertently being installed. I struggled with some issues, not knowing that my issues were all related to deepin packages. After removing every single deepin package from my system, I never had any issue again. And every previous issue I had was resolved!

As a result of my experience, I tried to stick to only Official Repositories as much as I could. If an app I, very much, needed was not available in the Official Repositories, I chose the Flatpak version just because it is more “independent” than AUR packages and don’t cause unintended issues. The only drawback with the Flatpak is that it takes up a lot more space. In my experience, I had no negative effects with Flatpaks.

Initially, I had over 150 AUR packages and cleaned up my system down to 15 AUR packages. I would not even have “15” if I had an option to go with the Official Repositories or the Flatpaks, but I digress.

After Plasma 6 update, I launched, pretty much, all apps to see if all worked fine. Other than one app, all worked fine. The app I had a problem with had 5 packages, related to it as the Package Manager listed. Rather than giving up and uninstalling the app, I chose the rebuild option in the Package Manager for all the 5 packages related to that app. And it fixed the problem!

As for my first issue with Plasma 6, the icons in the system tray for “bluetooth”, “screen brightness”, “show hidden icons”, “disk & devices” show up as “blank sheet” icon. The correct icons are not populated. It’s as if the system doesn’t have the correct icon images for them.

The second issue, which is more serious than the first one: I don’t know exactly what’s causing this issue. I’m assuming the issue may be related to the “Turn off screen” option in “Energy Saving” settings. The screen is turned off after 5 minutes of inactivity, which doesn’t normally cause an issue for the majority of time unless the screen stays “turned off” for an extended amount of time. When that happens, with the slight movement of the mouse, the screen is back on again with a notification on the screen, stating, “KWin Window Manager- Desktop effects were restarted due to a graphics reset”. Then Manjaro hangs and nothing works. Then I would have to reboot the system with ALT+FN+PRTSCR "REISUB".

I’ve heard that a new update to Plasma 6.0.5, which is not yet available in Package Manager, fixes some of the bugs/issues. I’m hoping that the issues mentioned above are fixed with the latest Plasma update.

System info:
KDE Plasma Version: 6.0.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 6.1.0
Qt Version: 6.7.0
Kernel Version: 6.6.30-2-MANJARO (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11
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As to the first issue, you will probably find that setting a new icon theme fixes things. Maybe try setting Breath, Breeze etc. as the Global theme, for example, or drilling down and changing the option in System SettingsIcons.

The theme(s) you are using evidently don’t have the needed icons available. Which theme …? :wink:


To exclude issues coming from old config files, can you create a new user account and test both on X11 and Wayland and confirm your two issues?


I’m assuming that, as you are an experienced Manjaro user who isn’t new to this forum, before updating you did read the most recent topics in the Latest Announcements/Stable Updates topics - Manjaro Linux Forum section, especially this one:

Most (all?) of the post-update issues with your system that you have mentioned have already been answered in this forum, either in the above announcement thread, or in the support sections.

Remember, the Manjaro Linux Forum search engine is your friend.


I would recommend to rollback your system with Timeshift and do a clean system update from TTY:

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Other than the minor glitch with some of the icons in the system tray, all issued are fixed now after the Plasma update to 6.0.5

The previous icon theme I had (Oxygen) didn’t work for some reason. So, I had to switch, in System Settings, to another icon theme. When I selected a new theme and applied, all icons in the system tray populated fine, but after reboot, I had the very same issue with some of the icons, showing up as “blank sheet” icon. So, I tried out all icon themes I had until I found the one (Breeze Dark) that worked.

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