[Solved][manjaro forum] Can not access topic found in google searches

Hello, when I search some terms on google using the following keyword ‘manjarolinux’, most of the results are pointing to this forum, and 99% of the links I clicked on end-up on a page that says:
’ Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.’

Some of the pages could be accessed using the ‘cache’ option provided by google so I could get some answers to problems I had but not all.

When I try to look for the same keywords on the forum itself using the search bar I do not find the results that are provided by google, is it supposed to be this way ?

are those pages from an old forum ? Do I need first to complete some steps in the forum to access these pages ?

Thank you for your help, I hope It helps the forum administrators to maintain good visibility on internet.

Here is a screenshot of the page I find all the time

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Please read the welcome post: Welcome to the new Manjaro Forum

If you put archived. in front of the URL you will get it.


The question is - will google ALWAYS find the old url, or will it start updating? I’m guessing that’s outdated/historical information from previous scrapes.


You need put archived. into the URL.
There is a example:
It doesn’t works
It works

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Thank you everyone, I apologize I found the rules/welcome topic and I did not expect to find the answer in it ( I expected to find some general forum rules). My bad.

If this helps: I found some pages using google cache method (like I said) it is perhaps worth checking our with them if you could recover some information.

Thank you for you help.

True… most not think of that :rofl: plus most don’t like to read they want :spoon: feeding :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Google is very fast, in a few days all the old pages (404) will no longer referenced in the engine

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No … not much of a question … because thats not how search engines work.

Even if it were - then it would be an issue to take up with your search provider.