About the archived forums

I’ve been searching these forums a lot recently, and since the old forums had data loss and are now archived, the links I get from Google don’t work without me adding “archived(dot)” to the beginning of the URL every time I want to check something from the archive. I’m not sure if this section applies to suggestions about the forum itself, but if it does, I’d love to see some kind of easy way to link back to the old forums. Something like “This page is either archived, private, or doesn’t exist”, then having a button to navigate to the archived site. I think it would make quick searches a lot more enjoyable.

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We are still glad the search on this new forum is functional and forum members use it. This topics might be in your interest:


Thank you for that last link, I think it will be pretty useful to me, just hope there’s a more elegant solution in the near future, especially since I usually have the bookmark bar hidden.

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