expired certificate (again)

Hi there, just notifying whoever needs to know, the certificate expired again on Strange that the cert only seemed to be valid for three months.

@codesardine is the Web developer. And it’s going to be a late night…

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There goes the masses overreacting on reddit once again.

Vitor is in the UK where it is currently 2am at the time of this being posted, please don’t exaggerate the problem and overreact, the volunteer is likely sleeping.


Yep I saw that and of course I understand.

Seems that server has not yet added an automatic renewal process yet. I did it now manually as Nginx process needed to been stopped before doing that. Will keep you guys updated when a solution for auto-renewal had been chosen.


Thanks for fixing, @philm.

Do you not monitor your certificates so you can intervene if they are not renewed in time automatically, before they expire? Meaning a generic “you”, of course - not you specifically but the team in general.

@techm it’s standard for Let’s Encrypt certificates to expire after three months - 90 days to be specific. Let’s Encrypt certificates are meant to be renewed automatically, so they made the expiration time a bit short, both to encourage automation and because if you do automate renewal, there is really no need for a year-long validity period.


There are professionals at work - I had one guy pasting me links to a website set up to give a long list of reasons NOT to use Manjaro whilst answering a thread about some guy talking about Ubuntu and snaps.

He said ‘time to grow up and switch to Garuda, a real GROWN UP solution - or EOS for something minimal’.

Quite comical - Garuda has many great features, but it’s way too bloated for my tastes and I’m too lazy to go with Eos.


I really starting to hate that subreddit. Majority of are tech support and they don’t have an clue what’s going on… And if they find a bug with something they report it to devs.


Yes, we get notified and have a dashboard …

however things can always been skipped or missed if the automatic setup runs into an error …


That propaganda website they flog every time there’s a minor issue with Manjaro is really laughable. Their “evidence” is circular anecdotes from their little echo chamber. It’s really childish.

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I also noted this happened in the middle of the night (European time), people have to sleep :slight_smile: Thanks so much for all you do!

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Thanks! Yeah I looked this up after I wrote the above. I’ve actually not used a let’s encrypt cert before myself.

This is the fourth (fifth?) time this has happened.

Seriously, guys… come on.
It’s not that difficult to set up a working Let’s Encrypt that’ll keep running for near eternity barring some catastrophic failure.
Or even a manual script if you roll that way.
Or something else entirely. There are so many solutions to this problem.

At this point, you are opening yourselves up to ridicule.

I might be wrong, but Manjaro’s lucky number is 21 …

That’s not what she said! :nerd_face:



I’ve been using Manjaro for a long time, I’ve had a very pleasant experience and I really want to see this distro thrive. I’ve donated to the project and I would colaborate in any other way If I had the skills/time to do so.
I think it is crucial to properly adress these issues, because reputation and even hearsay is quite important when you can just change your distro with very little hassle. I’ve seen the website mentioned above, and whatever you think about it, I don’t think it’s wise to dismiss it as “propaganda”. Adress those issues, make them eat their words and don’t give them any more fodder.


I agree, It’s unfortunate if small goof-ups like this stop people from trying out one of the best distros out there.


This issue is now solved.