Budgie ISO not working

I tried installing Manjaro Budgie after downloading the ISO from manjaro.org (full install) and it results into booting to a tty login after installation and no graphic desktop. I tried this with multiple (different manufacture) usb sticks, usb imaging software apps as well as downloading it multiple times and confirming the checksum. I also tried the ISO in a VM and the results are the same. You may want to look into the latest Manjaro Budgie ISO you have posted.

Also going to software.manjaro.org shows the certificate expired. Expiry date is
Expires On
Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 10:26:48 AM

Try the 20220817 release:

One topic per post, please. Someone else created an issue in the proper area of the forum:

I tried the ISO’s from Github as well as the Manjaro website and each ISO boots and allows the installation. The issue is after installation no GUI is present upon reboot, only a terminal prompt to login. I think there is an issue with both ISO possible with the installer.

I have tried the following ISO’s, all with the same result.
Manjaro website
Git Hub community page ISO
Git Hub community page torrent

Start the lightdm service (systemctl enable lightdm) and you’re good to go. (Such a simple fix - it took me a whole week to figure out what it was…)

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You rock! Thanks so much I appreciate it!

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I found that the network and bluetooth are both disabled after the install. Thus, besides starting lightdm, one can also be willing to enable the network:

sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager && sudo systemctl start NetworkManager

…and bluetooth:

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth && sudo systemctl start bluetooth

Notes on edit: I added the comment on bluetooth to the previous comment on the network