Snap's interfaces configuration

XFCE Manjaro , current stable.
This is about which options are presented in Add/Remove Software app for snap apps.
As for Ubuntu 20.04 with GNOME-based (have 0 experience with GNOME Manjaro, sorry) gui its Software/Apps management app supports also Snap and Flatpak. For Snap app it is possible for user to modify certain number of interfaces (slots/plugs connections) “Permissions”. A set seems to be snap app specific - some snaps have more more settings others less. All this in Software app. User can enable interfaces needed for snap functions they is going to use. Or to disable interfaces those not going to be used. Unfortunately it is not possible to attach here screenshot presenting this.
For XFCE Manjaro one can’t find such configurability in Add/Remove Software app.
Does this mean in XFCE Manjaro every snap is installed with max possible number of interfaces enabled and user can disable unused ones merely through snapd command line interface?

I tried also bauh and decided to get rid of it - just short trial sufficed - due to certain number of functional shortcomings over there.

Please read this:

On Manjaro you don’t need any snaps: you have the Arch User Repository aka “AUR” which contains full builds of all applications and then you don’t have to fidget with snap permissions.

This was one of the main reasons for me to leave “snappy” Ubuntu behind me and migrate to Manjaro


P.S. Which reminds me: I still need to delete that damn Ubuntu partition. Going to do that now! :joy:

Thank you for feedback. It was not me who reach out Manjaro to get snap support. It was Manjaro which offered snap apps use. I enjoy had got that offer and be able to make a use from it. Hence, nothing not legitimate in Manjaro.