Smart Window Placement missing

I have usually in the past relied on smart window placement so all my apps and windows more or less remember their size and position, however this setting is now missing in the windows behavior - advanced settings panel.

I must now do this manually for each window and app I have because if I set a global remember placement and size, plasma messes up as it can’t determine the difference between certain windows, for example it can’t determine a difference between Dolphin and its settings pop out windows OR skype and a conversation window.

Sometimes these windows will have the same class name and window name but be different. The smart window placement option for the most part worked, but it has been silently killed off in plasma5.

Is there a better option then manually doing it for each window & app?

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The upcoming Plasma 5.20.x now remembers window positions and sizes. :wink:

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To do that today:

  • right-click the window title
  • Click More Actions
  • Click Configure Special Application Settings (if you want to do this per application)
  • Click Add Properties like the diagonal arrow below
  • Set the settings you want to set and how / what you want them to be as per the horizontal arrows below
  • Click OK
  • Done!



Yeah I know about this. But its for each app you must do this. Smart option did it for everything automatically.

I might have figured it out anyway by having title and class name as exact and just leaving blank. Maybe that will work.