Since the latest update,issues in VirtualBox vms

since the latest update when running my laptop on the nvidia card the guests Os in VB are choppy.
scrolling down a page or moving windows around result in a sudden freeze and then it resumes with poor performance all around in menus etc.
i changed to intel(optimus manager)and it works fine.
I’ll try enabling 3d acceleration next time or choose a different graphic controller(currently it’s VMSVGA).

Nvidia 390 drivers?


it might be related to VB as I’ve seen online what seems like similar issues.
anyhow, with VMSVGA it happens randomly,
but VBoxSVGA seems to work fine.

it happens sometimes in both Gpus in either VMSVGA or VBoxSVGA.
i don’t know why that is.
i didn’t try enabling 3D acceleration since it’s a security concern.
i wish Vmware would support Arch based operating systems.
i usually try to stay away from proprietary software,but Vmware just works.