After every update my VMs in VB perform poorly

i don’t know what’s happening each time, but this is my previous posts:

in short i get freezes when scrolling through pages,everything is slow;like choosing an option from a context menu or try to click on a link,video stuttering and so on.
after sometime it’s back to normal(until the next update), and i don’t understand why it’s happening and how it gets fixed.
it’s like the update breaks something and for some reason it gets reset over time.
i do restart my PC after the updates.

I am using VirtualBox every day for developing software targeting the Windows platform.

I cannot recognize your issue - but as-is I don’t use an optimus laptop so you will have to look at your settings - most likely the host graphics - but it can be the guest drivers/utils as well.

From what I read it seems the dual-graphics can be a pain in everyday use - there is really nothing you can do other than adapt to the new situation.

One thing I can recommend is to ensure update your guest utils and drivers when you update the host.

And - never expect a virtual machine to act as a physical - it is very hard and requires a lot of reading and hard work.

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i also think it’s related to that dual GPU laptop as i suspect that what fixed it in the past at some point is altering between the GPUs.(back and forth)
I’ll try and update the guest utils and see if it improves things.

because of that issue i started using Virt-manager but i still prefer a non bare metal virtualization(it feels more secure),
also virt-manger is definitely not user friendly when it comes to get more than the basic configuration,but very powerful it seems.

I’m still waiting for VMware to support Arch as it works extremely well.(at least from my experience on windows)