Shouldn’t virtualbox-host-modules be built into the update to the newer kernel?

No virtualbox-host-modules installed when updating to new kernel

Not sure if this is the right place to comment this, but when switching to the Linux 5.15.2-2 kernel (linux515), I still had to manually install linux515-virtualbox-host-modules to keep using machines on VirtualBox.

Shouldn’t this be built into the update to the newer kernel? That it after the installation automatically checks whether VirtualBox is installed and then automatically downloads the right host-modules? At the very least a warning that the host-modules now need to be updated would be nice.

Please also let me know where I should have placed this comment and whether I should have made a separate thread about this.

I’m pretty sure virtual-host-modules was loaded with the kernel 5.15.2 install I did manually via MSM (Manjaro Settings manager => Kernels)… as I recall expanding the “show details” and watched it download/process everything… and even verified VirtualBox loaded up my Win10 VM afterwards.

My experience was under KDE… if the DE makes any difference?

Installing a kernel pulls out everything needed.

It may depend on how you installed kernel and/or modules.

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I did not install it via the GUI, just went sudo pacman -S linux515. Explains why nothing else was installed. Thanks for the help!

You should have used mhwd-kernel. :wink:

mhwd-kernel --install linux515

You can install without the GUI, just that’s not how you install and manage kernels in Manjaro.


Thanks for the comments and advice. I clearly still have a lot to learn.

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