Short Firefox freezes when it gets focus

I finally shifted from Zorin to Manjaro (gnome edition) and I’m here to stay. I got the system working out-of-the-box, all really fast… I have only one problem that I couldn’t resolve yet. There’s some threads about that online but not specifically for Manjaro… Nothing helped me.

Every time I come back to Firefox (with Alt+Tab, or with Alt+\ between two Firefox instances, or even when I click to an open Firefox to get focus on it), Firefox freezes for about 3 seconds. The mouse works, keyboard too, but in Firefox nothing happens… It comes again “to life” after 3 seconds.

The problem is there no matter what session I choose at gdm (Gnome, classic Gnome or Gnome on Xorg). On other systems with Gnome (I tried Fedora, and I have it right now on dual boot, and before even EndeavourOS) I don’t have this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Launch firefox in safe mode (firefox -safe-mode ) to temporarily disable all the extensions and see if the problem persists.

Also if this happenning only after update then maybe this could help:

The problem is not connected with Firefox 96 upgrade, the second solution didn’t resolve BUT
I never tried firefox --safe-mode because I’ve already tried to disable all the extensions… but i forgot one that it’s not in the addons page… In fact it seems to be the “gnomish firefox theme” activated by default in Manjaro… I disabled it and the problems are gone!

Really sad, though, because I really like the gnomish theme in Firefox. Is it possibile to find some similar theme? And why the problem seemed to affect only me? I haven’t heard about that!
Thanks again!

edit: I tried to reinstall the theme with manual installation (GitHub - rafaelmardojai/firefox-gnome-theme: A GNOME👣 theme for Firefox🔥) and now it works! Hope this could help somebody!

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