Sharing problem

I am new to Manjaro and this is my first post.
I have installed Manjaro Xfce and went fine the 2nd time.
Now I am trying to get it to work the way want. One of the important things I need is sharing with my other computers (Windows 7).
I prefer the nemo file manager so installed it. It has a context menu for sharing.
I have a couple of NTFS partitions on the computer which is now dual booting with Windows 7. I need access to the windows partitions from other computers.
These partitions are mounted on /mnt/Data and /mnt/Win and have read, write and execute permissions for all users.
I have set up my password for samba. I am trying to share the Data partition.
I receive the error:-

‘net user’ returned error 255: net usershare add:
cannot convert name “Everyone” to a SID. The transport
connection is now disconnected…

I have looked on the internet and there are lots of pages about this mainly without solutions. Admittedly these pages are about Ubuntu and not Manjaro. Anyway, none of the solutions work.
I would like to solve this problem as I cannot continue otherwise.
Some help would be appreciated.

Hello @fhutt :wink:

On Manjaro there is apparmor activated by default and there are rules for samba. I don’t really know what is causing this and I myself I don’t care much about that, but when you disable or even mask the apparmor service and reboot, it works as usual.

sudo systemctl disable --now apparmor.service

I guess apparmor locks you to the /home folders and won’t let you use any other mount point.

Or if that doesn’t help, It could be the NTFS partitions and the mount options.

Hi megavolt,
I tried:

This made no difference. I get the same error.
I tried to share my home folder and received this error:

‘net user’ returned error 255: net usershare add:
share name frank is already a valid system user name

I think the problem lies elsewhere.

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I just rebooted and tried the share again.
Now I have a different but similar error as follows:

‘net user’ returned error 255: net usershare add:
cannot convert name “Everyone” to a SID. (Access denied} A
process has requested access to an object but has not been
granted those access rights…

Try this:

net usershare add --long NameOfShare /path/to/shared/folder "A Comment" "Everyone:F" guest_ok=y

Keep in mind that everyone has full access and guests are allowed here. It is just for testing.

On my system it works., when apparmor is completely disabled and the module is not loaded.

I get the same error in terminal as the last error I mentioned.


Sorry, but if you had done, what I said, then it should work. However… I cannot reproduce your problem.

Maybe just remove apparmor completely:

pamac remove apparmor

Do a reboot.

Tried to remove but received error as follows:
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing apparmor breaks dependency ‘apparmor’ required by snapd

Well snapd needs apparmor to work. Do you really need snap packages? If so, then you have to deal with the apparmor rules and customize it yourself. I cannot help you here.

or remove everything what depends on apparmor and apparmor:

# Just show what will be removed:
pamac remove --cascade --dry-run apparmor
# Remove it:
pamac remove --cascade apparmor

Thank you megavolt for trying.
I have trouble finding what I want so I want to keep the snap source of packages.
I don’t believe that samba can’t work with apparmor being installed.

I will keep looking on the internet and maybe there is someone else on in this forum who knows more about samba than I do (which is not much).

If I cant fix this I’ll look for another rolling release distro.

Have a look at these, if you haven’t seen them already:

Thank you for the suggestions.
My browser (nemo) has Sharing Options in the context menu that I use to try to share.
The Setup and Troubleshooting link is mostly beyond me at this stage.

The error I am getting contains "cannot convert name Everyone to SID.
What does that mean? what is SID?

Edit: I have provided my password to samba with sudo smbpasswd -a user.
Where ‘user’ is my username.

I am surprised that others are not complaining about this issue.
I found a page from Manjaro about exactly this error as follows:

My installation came with Kernel 6.1.7.-1 - it behaves like above.
I downloaded Kernel 5.15.89-1 LTS - at also behaves like this.

SID → Security Identifiers
It is a Windows term. “Everyone” on Linux gets translated to “S-1-1-0”

Thank you for the link, but didn’t help.
If “Everyone” on Linux gets translated to “S-1-1-0”, they why do I get the error
“cannot convert name Everyone to SID”?
I think that this is a Majaro problem as I had no such problem, on the same machine, the same partition settings, on Linux Mint. I installed Linux Mint a week before Majaro but then discovered that there are rolling release distros.

Maybe my work around this problem will have to be going back to Linux Mint or trying another distro. Linux Mint also had much more and better GUI settings.
My reason for installing a linux distro was that my HDD crashed and after replacing the HDD, had to install something - I could have just restored Win 7 from my backup but decided to try win 10. It took about 1 hour and worked fine. Unfortunately, it is too slow on this machine to use, so decided to try a linux distro. I looked at a number of them and decided on Linux Mint. Took a week to get it to look like what I am used to and work properly. Then discovered that there are such things as rolling release distros and that’s when I decided to try Majaro. I’ve been trying to get this installation to work properly for about a week. You can see why windows users are so reluctant to even try Linux. I have actually restored my win 7 and now dual booting with Manjaro.
Sorry for the long story but it probably doesn’t belong in this thread.


Yeah I totally understand that, but ArchLinux and all ArchLinux based Systems like Manjaro share the same common goal: Simplicity, but not beginner friendliness. While you can fix problems with ease, also samba and apparmor, you need knowledge, even if it is simple. It needs more maintenance compared to Linux Mint and especially debian-based systems, because it always updates your system to the next new version while Debian often do only security updates and not feature updates.

Manjaro itself is made to be easily installed and also to configure, compare to bare ArchLinux, but it is by all mean not beginner friendly like debian based systems: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, PopOS.

Let me explain it in short:

Apparmor is a module that uses kernel techniques to sandbox samba. Apparmor rules locks samba into a jail, where it is only allowed to do what the rule says. Therefore, if it doesn’t allow samba to convert it, then it will result in an error here.

However… did you install manjaro-settings-samba ?

I can only say, that samba work perfectly well on my system, without snap and without apparmor. I don’t need both when I run this in my local network.

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Yes I did install manjaro-settings-samba but couldn’t work out how to launch it.

Tried to remove apparmor but refused due to dependency from snapd.
So tried to remove snapd and also refused due to dependency.

frank@Dell1 ~]$ pamac remove apparmor
Checking dependencies…
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing apparmor breaks dependency ‘apparmor’ required by snapd
    [frank@Dell1 ~]$ pamac remove snapd
    Checking dependencies…
    Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
    could not satisfy dependencies:
  • removing snapd breaks dependency ‘snapd’ required by libpamac-snap-plugin
    [frank@Dell1 ~]$
pamac remove --cascade apparmor