Sharing drives with a raspberry pi

OK. I’m totally new to linux.
I’m trying to share a couple of internal drives from a pc running manjaro with a raspberry pi 4 running raspberry pi os. ideally, i would download home movies from my brother on the raspberry pi and then move them to one of two drives on the manjaro machine. trouble is, I can’t get the manjaro machine (or anything else for that matter) to show up on the raspberry pi.

Both the pc and the pi are on wired connections through a hub (the hub is splitting a single network line) to my router.

The pi is running PIA.

i have samba installed on both the pc and the pi but haven’t been able to find a good setup tutorial for manjaro so haven’t made any changes to configuration files.

Would love if someone could point me in the right direction.

This archived tutorial should be helpful:

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