Several QT based applications refused to adopt “dark” themes

After an update from the stable branch and Gnome 3.36, several QT based applications refused to adopt “dark” themes. To solve the issue, I figured out that besides setting up the dark theme in gnome tweaks, I had to select the same dark theme also in Kvantum Manager (open the manager, and under change/delete theme select the theme).

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edit: hum, were you replying to previous post? because he apparently uses KDE not GNOME.

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If you are using kvantum … thats always how kvantum has worked.
Of course if you have set kvantum to paint your QT stuff … it will paint it with whatever kvantum theme is selected… whats the problem ?

I think he may have replied to the previous guy (in the Testing thread) despite his reply being off topic because it doesn’t reply to the previous guy as he talks about GNOME when the previous guy was talking about issue in KDE.

It was not very clear first but after a while when I re-read the last messages of the thread this is what I was wondering (my edit in my reply above).

Check you have the package qt5ct installed.

Either use the command qt5ct or edit the config manually



Check the kvantum theme used

cat .config/Kvantum/kvantum.kvconfig

GNOME now uses QGnomePlatform in place of Qt5Ct, FYI.

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I switched branches from stable to testing (before stable release with Gnome 3.38 was available).

I am sorry if I replied in the wrong way, I am completely new here. I was not trying to reply to someone else, just trying to write about my experience from switching branches and updating.

I think that the only issue I had was that before changing branches, I did not even realize that I had kvantum installed (it came preinstalled) because it did not affect the theme of QT applications. It started effecting themes only after I switched the branch to testing and updated.

Now everything is all right.

cat .config/Kvantum/kvantum.kvconfig correctly prints