Setup msm_notifier to notify when any new stable kernel is available

I’ve never really able to get kernel notifications to work. I used to rely on ‘linux-latest’ to reliably automatically update my kernel, but of course, that’s no longer an option. I want to be notified as soon as a new stable kernel is available (not RC).

I run GNOME.

Hi @viggy96,

Rather have a look at matray for notifications.

Also, keep an eye on the #announcements for your branch. That’ll keep you nice and informed.

Hope this helps!

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To add to @Mirdarthos reply, the announcement categories are available via RSS Feed too.

You’ll notice the naming convention, just add .rss to the announcement URL. You’ll get the first topic in the Announcement category, and philm lists kernel status.

To stay within the forum, click your Manjaro forum picture > Preferences > Preferences > Categories > Watching First Post, and select the Announcements categories. When a topic is added to a category, a number will appear by your forum picture and when clicked the topic will appear in the expanded list.

A little history on linux-latest.

I don’t use the notifier, but maybe in conjunction with or until you get the notifier working, would something like the below work for you. Perhaps set it up as a cron job to meet your needs.

===> pamac checkupdates | grep -E -e 'linux[0-9]'
linux510                  5.10.133-1                   -> 5.10.136-1                    core
linux54                   5.4.207-1                    -> 5.4.210-1                     core