Setup Bigscreen

I switched from the Ubuntu/Neon KDE BigScreen install to Manjaro in order to get Chromium Media Edition running on a Raspberry Pi 4 as I don’t want to get BigScreen running Raspbian. Since the Manjaro repos have BigScreen for install, I’ve concluded Manjaro is a much better route. :slight_smile:

I’m attempting to replicate the behavior of the BigScreen ISO (e.g., login without password).

I’ve installed the plasma-bigscreen and libcec packages, but I have not been able to get the bigscreen wayland DE to show more than a black screen and mouse cursor.

Has anyone gone through this installation or able to point me in the right direction?

EDIT: I had some success with launching plasmashell & through krunner, which got me to the desktop with the appropriate layout, but software like Chromium and Firefox would not launch; konsole would launch. I tried deleting the KDE configs in ~/.kde4 and ~/.config/k* but this did not seem to help. A scan of ps faux shows a plasma-bigscreen-wayland session that likely has crashed in addition to the plasmahsell & I manually started. I would assume this is part of the issue with the software failing to launch. Switching to the plasma-wayland DE enabled me to launch software.

I also noticed that making changes to the Plasma settings in BigScreen would not save; this appears to be caused by a need for sudo authorization, but no auth dialog appears to permit the changes made. I was attempting to change my session from bigscreen to plasma-wayland but this failed to stick/apply.

What was further interesting is that my session said I was logging into BigScreen at the SDDM login, but autologin kept reporting Kodi as the default login. I’m not sure if I broke something here, but I have not been able to autologin since monkeying with this. Modifying the SDDM config directly may have been the cause, but reverting the change has not restored autologin functionality.