Settings on multiple devices?

Not sure where to place this, so please bear with me.

I’m using another small ultrabook for presentations and such, running Manjaro on it as well. Is there a decent way to sync settings (Chrome, Evolution, others) between devices, without too much overhead? I’d rather go for a sync solution instead of having full online home-dirs (eg no nfs server).

Any tipps? Regards


You can transfer data from one place to another with rsync.
rsync -ahr /source /destination.
But the program must not run when running rsync.

Nothing wrong with rsync, however I’d like to have it automated in some way. Is there anything that’d spare me from managing the include/exclude dirs myself?

info rsync or man rsync explains, how to do that.

Hi @datenimperator,

According to this answer on AskUbuntu:

crontab would be not good, cause it is executed each x seconds/minutes, so if i dont do anything, it will still call rsync but not if i modified my file

rsync will only sync the files that have been changed. If nothing has changed, it will exit. That’s really a minimal overhead.

If you’re unhappy with that you could use inotifywait:

while inotifywait -r /directory/*; do
rsync -avz /directory /target

That will be more instant but it will do things every time you save.

Save it as a script file somewhere, and set it to auto start on your PC.

Hope this helps!

You could amend this script for your specific purpose.

Or install syncthing from the repo (website


Oh yeah!

I forgot about syncthing for this. I use it for my Tablet and it works a charm.

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