Setting Autologin not working (XFCE)

Recently got Manjaro XFCE on a old laptop, and I am trying to set auto login so powering up would not require me to enter my password. I know the KDE version has a user interfance for this setting, and for XFCE you need to change a few lines in files. I’ve read older post and tried:

sudo nano /etc/lightdm.conf/lightdm.conf

And then uncommenting out the autologin line and putting in my account name:


However, after this, when I shutdown my laptop it doesn’t autologin and requires me to enter my password. Anyone know the solution? Or why this isn’t working?

Hi and welcome!

Here you go sir: LightDM - ArchWiki

You need to configure pam also.


Ahh Thank you!

It seems to work, I guess it does require to configure pam and create a user group and not just edit the lightdm.conf file.

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