Screen Tearing when watching videos and scrolling in webpages

When watching videos or scrolling through websites, I see a horizontal line going down the screen like the page it refreshing. It kind of looks like those old TVs where you can visibly see the screen refreshing. I have seen the same thing happen on two different laptops running Manjaro. A Thinkpad and an ROG laptop. The Thinkpad uses Intel integrated graphics and the ROG laptop has a Nvidia GPU and Intel integrated graphics. Both of them are using the modesetting driver for graphics.

I have tried switching to intel graphics drivers (suggested by a forum I found on the Arch Linux website). (I am using modesetting now) When I did that light display manager does not start and X would not start. I have also tried adding tear free to the configuration files as suggested by the Arch Wiki but that did not help. I have also tried adding kernel parameter i915.enable_psr=0 which the Arch Wiki said might help but that also did not help.

I found a solution in this forum for the browser but this issue happens outside of the browser too. Including local video files. I do not know how to fix this and would appreciate some help. Thanks.

Hardware acceleration?
You would want to similarly set that in your media player if its picky … Im guessing VLC ?
Ex: DE froze with graphic glitches... lots of kernel, drm, and amdgpu entries in journal - #26 by cscs

From my understanding the solution is to configure the media player properly but the screen tearing issue does not only happen in the media player. It happens in any app that can scroll or had the ability to change the screen quickly.