Screechy sounds in my system

Hi, since last update I’m experiencing some screechy sounds in my system. I think they are mostly random, but in some cases, they occur at system startup, or when starting a movie, song, or a video on internet. I don’t know where or what to search, so I’m completely lost. I use alsa as my sound system.
P.M. I also noticed that the screech appears whenever a floating notification appears (I’m using Cinnamon).
Thanks in advance

Does it sound like it’s coming from your headphones/speakers, or from within the chassis of the laptop/computer?

If the latter, it could be GPU/CPU “whine”.

Could be a coincidence that you noticed it after this update.

To rule it out or investigate further, you can try to rollback to see if it happens prior to this update.

However, to start a new thread about this issue might be more useful, since you’ll need to share your hardware specs and software info.

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The noise problem on Radeon 590 is still present.
Noise in speakers since kernel 5.18.12

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