SATA devices on Alder-Lake S not recognized

Following the Bisecting a bug guide, i also report here a potential kernel bug: 218896 – SATA devices on Alder-Lake S not recognized since kernel 6.7 on side

It follows my first post here related to my sata device not recognized since kernel 6.7

To sum up, since kernel 6.7, none of my SATA devices are recognized, it’s like they do not exist.
All those devices are listed in UEFI and on AHCI mode, so no problem here.

I strongly suspect an issue with Alder Lake S intel CPU, potentially with a combination of B660 chipset, which does not recognized any SATA devices. I have made some tests with 3 different devices, 2 SSD and 1 HDD.

There is a similar issue reported here, on Batocera :

and also here, on Ubuntu :

Whereas here it’s not really clear on Ubuntu what kernel version is problematic on the first post, it’s clear that going back to 6.6 solve the issue.

Do you experience also this issue with SATA devices and the same CPU/Chipset ?

Upstream patch ata: ahci: Do not apply Intel PCS quirk on Intel Alder Lake - kernel/git/libata/linux.git - libata development tree solved this issue.

My SATA devices are now detected again, this is an issue with Alder Lake S (there is a mistake in upstream comment, this is not Alder Lake P) intel cpu.

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