RTL8192EE (Realtek RTL8192EE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter)

I have a PCI-Express wifi card
Device-1: Realtek RTL8192EE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter driver: rtl8192ee
The wifi connection is extremely slow. It seems to link at 144Mbps for example, but actual speed is less than 5Mbps. This is with the kernel’s module (running on kernel 5.15)
I read on some forums (from arch i think) that i should disable the kernel’s module (rtl8192ee) and install a driver from AUR, which doesn’t exist anymore. I tried the RTL8192EU drivers and dkms modules on AUR but don’t seem to work with my chip.

Does anyone have managed to work the RTL8192EE on Manjaro? (Note that i ve read that this works properly on Ubuntu, but i m not gonna use Ubuntu)

check this link

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Hi @gerstavros,

Please see:


Especially relevant, this Driver should be functioning also for the following Realtek Chipsets:


This doesn’t work on RTL8192EE. Module loads on boot but device remains with no driver

This seems to work better than kernel module, i get 10+ Mbps now. Thank you

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