RPi Settings (Camera)


I’ve been trying to check the camera, using Manjaro KDE Raspberry Pi. All the materials on the Web refer to the official Debian Raspberry Pi, so I can’t find a clue. No trace of raspi-config, raspistill, no mention of Raspberry in the KDE system settings. Where do I have to start?

PS. Sorry, there is raspi-config:

aur/raspi-config-git 20200726.r329.b1ab50b-1 (+2 0.07) (Orphaned)
    A simple configuration tool for common Raspberry Pi administrative tasks (ArchlinuxARM fork)

Do I have to use this orphaned package?

The raspi-config program is writing entries to the config.txt in the boot partition.

You can create those entries by hand and the binaries are part of the raspberrypi-firmware package - but it seems only as 32-bit

Thanks! This orphaned raspi-config is working, correctly detecting the host to be RPi 4. Cannot yet tell if it really enabled my camera, or the libcamera software is good for anything :slight_smile:

I do not have a camera but some months back @Dulbi was experimenting with one. I believe he got taking pictures working. Maybe he can give some pointers with what he came up with.

This week, I’m away of my RPI that does has the camera working. I’ll have a look as soon as I get back to home and keep you posted.