ARM Rasberry Pi 4 Camera

Hello everyone,

I added the picamera on my RPi 4 manjaro minimal headless.

Linux 5.4.83-1-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 14 08:37:33 CST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux

And I can’t use it, I must be missing something. I don’t have any raspistill or raspivid, I can’t find in which package they are. Nor if I have to activate sth in config.txt

Can you give me a hint? I’m just looking to make remote image and/or video captures.

Many thanks in advance,

Unfortunately, raspberry pi team don’t support 64bit raspistill and its dependencies yet. They are located in userland package. They remove ability to compile it for 64bit. Hope they will fix it too.

The explaination :

Some here have gotten the camera to work v4l2 m2m but I seem to be unable to find the post. I know that start_x=1 needs to be in /boot/config.txt. Here is the only thing I can find at the present:

I’ve added a PKGBUILD to allow users to test the new binaries from the rpi-team: rpi-libcamera-apps-git.
If many people are interested I will publish to AUR.

The mandatory package is AUR (en) - libcamera-git
This provides you with a replacement for raspistill with cam and qcam ​:
I think that libcamera should be a valuable package to add to manjaro and then add camera fearure out-of-the-box.

I do not have a camera to test but some have gotten the camera to work using V4l2. From reading your links lib-camera seems to have more “Bells & Whistles”.

If I start maintaining this package I have 2 conditions since I do not have a camera.

First test this package I built. It appears some camera’s will not work without V4L2 compiled in so I have done that:

build() {
    cd "$srcdir/$_pkgname"
    arch-meson build \
        -D werror=false \
        -D documentation=disabled \
        -D tracing=disabled \
        -D v4l2=true
    ninja -C build

Second if all is good you post a detailed guide in it’s own separate forum post for others to use to get things going.

This seems reasonable to me.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me now. I’m going to do some research on this because I don’t understand why.

In the past you would have to add start_x=1 to /boot/config.txt to have /dev/video0 show up for camera’s. Also maybe depending on your camera dtoverlay=your-camera.

Yes, you’re right but I guess it’s not the case here. I guess it’s source issue.

[0:17:33.665051814] [1984] FATAL Serializer control_serializer.cpp:598 A list of V4L2 controls requires an ControlInfoMap

The code which raise this error was added recently: libcamera/libcamera.git - libcamera official repository

I guess I should report an error but the bug tracker seems a bit complex and I do not master all aspects of the subject (v4l2, i2c).
But as you challenged me after my request to add a package, I have to make a little effort! :wink:
Wait & see!


I looked at the commits. The last 6 or so seems to be adding some new things and look to be related. Here are some more packages to try that are from earlier commits. Try the (6-25) date folder first then try the other.

I am thinking they had it working at one time and hopefully one of these will work.

@Strit looked into this today also and he found that some future release of pipewire will have this as a depend so it really needs to be straightened out.


That commit you linked to was because gcc11 reported an issue with an uninitialized variable caused by that guy leaving out some needed code. He submitted several commits the same day. Because of that these commits are not in these packages. I do not trust them until they get it right.

I will test later today and let you know.
I’ve found a large doc dealing with camera :

Not much with this wiki post. It’s very limited on content with the camera.

The link is not correct: Raspberry Pi | Wiki | Arch Linux ARM (P is uppercase)


Really interesting link. From reading it this really caught my attention:


Also something else came across my mind is the optional depends (listed when the package get’s installed) in the PKGBUILD that is needed with opening GUI’s that need to be installed which can cause errors if not installed. Here they are with some other packages that might be needed.


According to the RPi guide they said starting with Debian Bullseye libcamera will be in their images. I searched the debian repo’s and the only package I found was in their unstable branch and it’s date was in June of last year in the package name so I am wondering if the PiOS is using bullseye and if so what date their package is if it is in their package file name. They are evidently providing their own package at this time if the are using Bullseye. I find it very odd that on the RPi guide have you cloning the present libcamera git…

I also gave you my own PKGUILD earlier :wink: ARM Rasberry Pi 4 Camera - #4 by Dulbi

Debian 11 (Bullseye) was released on 14 August 2021 .But they didn’t update their OS: * Release date: May 7th 2021
Maybe they will release another one soon…

Today, I’m a bit exhausted and unfortunately I don’t have time to test your packages and the same tomorrow. But I don’t give up !

I’ve opened a case to libcamera bug tracker because I already have error with cam/qcam binaries which are provided by libcamera. I think that if that first layer fails we don’t need to go further. Maybe it’s just me who didn’t set it right but my knowledge is limited dealing with dtb and kernel start… if anyone else can help us by giving feedback, help will be gladly accepted.

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I did not remember that. It should be ok. I removed my mention above. I found where ubuntu has a libcamera package for for “impish (21.10)” 20200629 the same as Debian. Still wondering what is up with year old code.

I have tested 6-25 version and 8-9 version and a window appears but I don’t see anything and I’ve got this error with qcam:

[2:29:47.350216170] [27320] INFO RPI raspberrypi.cpp:619 Sensor: /base/soc/i2c0mux/i2c@1/imx219@10 - Selected mode: 1640x1232-pRAA
[2:29:47.354976184] [27320] ERROR RPI raspberrypi.cpp:1293 IPA configuration failed!
[2:29:47.355185811] [27320] ERROR RPI raspberrypi.cpp:756 Failed to configure the IPA: -32
Failed to configure camera

which is better than I have ever have ! :wink:

Maybe I didn’t set config.txt right ?

initramfs initramfs-linux.img followkernel

#enable sound

#enable vc4


#enable argonone


I’ve tested without param=i2c_arm=on and without start_x=1 but same result.:frowning:

I’ve seen that they updated their repo: libcamera/libcamera.git - libcamera official repository

Is your camera a IMX219 NOIR

That’s what I think. I’ve wanted to check it again by using an usb stick with PiOS 32 bits but… the stick is down :frowning:
I have to order new ones…
Maybe I can find a sd card… keep you in touch.