Revert back to KDE 5 from KDE 6?

Hello, Is there any way, what so ever, to revert a recent update? My system just installed the latest version of KDE 6 overwriting my KDE 5 install. I am not sure what happened during update, but i did have this update blocked per configuration file.

Again, i am looking to Revert back to the last version of KDE 5.

Hi and welcome to Manjaro,

Backups I guess.
Though I am not sure backwards is, erm, the way forwards.

If you are having trouble I encourage you to search the forums for related threads - and especially take a look at the Update Announcment and the second “Known Issues and Solutions” post attached to it.

If you are still having trouble then create a post detailing your problems.

I will leave a guide here for that purpose as it will include how to format code, etc.


That is not possible as KDE Plasma 5 is no longer in the repo.

Do as @cscs suggests - adapt to the new Plasma - it is easier than you think - and the result is far better than you expect.

portable mirror

I wrote a topic on May 10. about creating a portable mirror and I still have the copy :grin: of stable branch dated at May 10.


:warning: :zap:
I am just being creative here - and I wouldn’t do it if I were in your place - but hey! it is your system - just don’t come back and complain.

But if you insist you can try to find a mirror which has not updated since before May 13

:information_source: Remember Dont complain
Use and filter the list to only include out of sync mirrors e.g. this one - which has not synced since 5139:55 hours and counting. Checked at 2024-05-21T06:37:00Z - the mirror has not synced for 214 days and if you average a month to 30 days - this ~7 months - so don’t be creative.

If you still insist on being creative - set the mirror as your primary mirror

sudo pacman-mirrors -aU

The run

sudo pacman -Syuu archive

There is an unofficial archive of Manjaro packages - but this also requires a tremendous amount of work to be able roll back your system - it is only served over http

Pretty much the only way I can think of would be to restore from the backup you took before you upgraded. If you didn’t bother taking one, I’m guessing you’re stuck.

Timeshift is your friend, its mandatory that you implemented this big Plasma 6 update the right way into your system… you have to logout and update per TTY our you will run into bugs.

For that reason there is:

To give community tips to maintain your system.

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The problem is, even the old 3rd-party repo: GitHub - manjaro/plasma-5.27-lts doesn’t build as upstream is not providing the full KDE Framework 5 anymore. You can see it here: Commits · kf5 · Arch Linux / KDE Build · GitLab. This would mean someone has to maintain the KF5 packages, plus the Plasma 5.27 packages and maybe the KDE Gear 24.02 packages against Manjaro stable branch …

My only suggestion since Manjaro is a rolling distro based on Arch which is also rolling is to find a distro that still supports KDE 5.Pretty sure Kubuntu LTS Fedora 39 and I am sure several others are still on KDE 5.