Resolution of second monitor only half that of first monitor of the same model

I previously had a dual monitor setup with a 24" Acer alongside a 20" Benq monitor. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked. However, today I obtained a second 24" Acer, but now that I have attached that 24" Acer monitor to the second motherboard (VGA) connection that was previously connected to the 20" Benq monitor, the resolution of that second 24" Acer monitor is only half of the first 24" Acer monitor, which is attached to the first motherboard (DVI) connection. I tried rebooting, but the resolution of the second monitor still remains half of that of the first.

Can anyone suggest how I can fix this?

A possible workaround Just now, I rediscovered that, when I purchased this computer, maybe 2 years ago now, I had a dual video adapter card, with both DVI and VGA, added, but I found that the monitors were somehow - I don’t recall how - faulty when connected to that adapter card. I then found that the two monitors worked correctly when connected, instead to the DVI and VGA connections on the motherboard. So I just forgot about that video adaptor card until now. So, I will see now if the solution may lie in using that video card instead of the motherboard connections, although I suspect not.
So, after I have posted this I will give the video card a try and let you all know how it went.

Thank you for your attention.

My workaround did not work. The second monitor which was attached to the VGA connection on video adapter card was blank.

So, I reconnected my two monitors to the two motherboard connections. I had hoped that al this might somehow trigger the fixing up of my monitor resolution problem, but it did not: As before, the resolution on the second screen is still only half of that on the first screen.

It’s now 2:13am +11 so I will call it a night. Tomorrow, I will swap the monitor connections. I suspect that I will find that the monitor that now has full resolution will have only have half resolution and the monitor which now has half resolution will have full resolution. In the unlikely even that this is not the case, it will show that that the fault lies with the second monitor.

Obvious steps first: have you checked the available resolutions in your system’s Monitor Settings?

I have tried to reinstall Manjaro Linux to see if that would fix the problem, but it hasn’t made any difference.I also installed Linux Mint on another partition to see if that would fix the problem, but it didn’t. I have included an image which shows how the second screen has only half the resolution of the first screen. The first screen, with full resolution on the left is connected with a DVI adapter whilst the second, with only half resolution, is connected with the VGA adapter. I can’t say whether or not this is cause and effect, but I think it unlikely, because, as I was installing Manjaro Linux, the two screens both kept the same higher resolution. Only after I rebooted, did I find the second monitor has only half the resolution of the first.


Thank you. Can you tell me where I can find the system’s monitor settings?

Thank you, mayne.sonahoz.

Everything works fine now

I have recorded, as images, the steps I took.


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