Reset the whole installation without removing any files in Home dir

Recently there are just alot of problem happeing in my pc, i cant deal witht them anymore, is there a way to delete every installed software and have a clean install like new but i dont want to loose my files in home directory.

home directory is not a seprate partition in my laptop, jusr fyi.

If you describe the problems, someone may be able to help you. :wink:

  • For example as last resort you could save your data with rsync
  • Or it may be possible to reset some of the problematic configs in /home/$USER
  • Or someting other.

When you describe your problem good enough, someone may decide what is the best solution to help.

Well there are alot of issues, so i wanted to clean the laptop and reinstall the manjaro but the problem is with my usb drive its super slow so moving data istn possible so i though maybe there will be somway to reset to original condition with loosing files inside in my home directory.

I dont know what other information i could have shared.

actual problem is slowdown with vscodium and high ram usage which lead to crash, and installed codeoss it throws segmentation fault.

the ui feels slugish and act weird sometimes not as smooth as it was on clean install.
storage usage is kind of high i dont know what i installed that lead to almost 50%+ usage.

The main thing i wanna do to remove all installed software by user and reset the config. completly?

Pl. give output of inxi -F and sudo parted -l so that someone else can see the partitions you have and your system info.

So then read :point_up: “How to provide good information” :sunglasses:

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