Reset root password on sd card?

So ive found the minimal install of manjaro. Managed to get it running on my sd card, but during the setup process it dies. If i reboot the orangepi4 it asks for a root password, but nothing I enter here works. Tried 123456 and manjaro.

So i put the sd card in my desktop, is there a config file i can change or chroot to set the password?

If the setup didn’t complete, then the root password is blank and it should auto-login to root and start the Setup script again.

If it died after the user creation, login with your user credentials instead, as root user via SSH has then been disabled. If it’s not via SSH, but normal interaction, it will be the password you chose.

Thanks but no luck, so I wiped it and will try another way…
My other thread here if you can help out :slight_smile: