Requesting Specific IP Address from Home Router

Hi, I just want to know if there is an option in the WiFi Settings of KDE Plasma to Manually configure my IP from my Home Router.

I know I can set a static IP from the router itself, but my router is limited to 11 Devices only and I have run out of Slots for my Linux, so I am thinking that it is possible in Linux.

You can set an IP address manually through Network Manager


As @NGr said above, you can set this in the GUI.

Go to System Settings → Networks → Select the wifi connection in question → Go to ipv4 tab and select Manual instead of Automatic. There you can set the IP, Network Mask, Gateway and DNS you want the device to use on that network.

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To prevent possible IP clashes - please do check your routers dhcp range and assign an address outside that range.

e.g. if the range is → assign an address of e.g.


Maybe first explain WHY you want to have a static address in the first place, maybe there are different solutions to your problem :wink:

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That is likely a default setting in your router and can be adapted to span a larger range.
They usually have a web interface where you can set, adapt and control this.

In every (home) router I ever had I could also assign static leases,
that means the router will assign a specific IP address to a specific device, based upon the devices MAC address
so that this device will always be assigned the same IP by the router’s dhcp server.
Makes things predictable.

Much easier than to try to work around the router’s dhcp server by using an IP outside of the range the dhcp server serves.



Thats only for the IP range handed out by the DHCP server on the router, most have a limit on how many static assignments can be made though…

IMHO, it should be safe to use an Static-IP in the upper bound of the DHCP’s assignment range, because they won’t be used normally in a home using just a few devices.

But let him first answer why he needs a static IP. :wink:

I might be biased and spoiled from using OpenWRT …


I am a bit of an OCD, That’s why…

I have 6 Cameras Occupying from IP’s 2-7
A Printer on 8
2 Smart TVs on 9-10
1 Home SmartPhone on 11

Then I let the DHCP Server to distribute IPs to all devices for my Housemates… and Since I want to keep my devices take a static IP and a bit far away from the crowd, I would like to reserved the Higher End, like from 100

and I’m also a little bit NOOB, so I’m asking what to input below too.


I know what to add on Address / Netmask / and Gateway but those 3 above, IDK?

You’d need to switch the “Method” from “Automatic” to “Manual” - since you do not want to use the DHCP server of your router.
… and possibly also fill in one or two DNS Servers below
(the fields in the red box you drew will look different once you switch to “manual”)

You just need to add the IP of your router in the first box, you can leave the other two empty…
The IP of your router is the same as the one you use to access it’s web interface, same as you use for Gateway.
Because most modems also act as a DNS-Relay :wink:

You could ofcourse if you choose to, use different DNS servers from the internet instead of the one from your ISP which your modem uses…

It makes 0(zero) difference for your devices if they use a different IP each time, because they don’t provide any server(s) that need to be accessible from same IP, except maybe your IP-Camera’s…

like this:


yes, but it’s itchy in my head if I can make sure that these devices get those IPs in Order… the Idea only serves me in my head. so I can be in a bit of peace. :smiling_face_with_tear:

That’s the whole point…it does not matter if they get same IP…
So your mind can be in peace :wink:
(Your modem also gets a different IP from your ISP each time, and it still works right?)
(If you feel better with static IP’s for all devices, just disable the DHCP server and configure all to use manual IP’s)

Yes for the upper part, no for the bottom part because you try to give your machine same IP as the modem…
That at the start of that bottom part needs to be something else…
You set the static IP you want there for your machine…

To be fair when you have many network hardware, like camera, printer, and other computers, it is always nice and tidy to be able to ping a specific IP, from top of your head, that you know is exactly the specific hardware you want to do something with. It is not that much a “OCD problem”.

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Yup true, that’s where a local DHCP server on your own machine comes in handy :wink:
Together with your own name server :wink:

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yup, my mistake on the response, it’s should be on the IP Address. Thanks…

I Agree, I sometimes transfer media to the smart TV through FTP and since I know what IP and port it has on, I need not to check it everytime. it’s an OCD Remedy, atleast for me.


Curious about suggested alternatives.
Before answering… .
I wouldn’t have to… .
I’d happily do so (redirect focus on another objective to satisfy my OCD).

  • /etc/systemd/resolved.conf
# Some examples of DNS servers which may be used for DNS= and FallbackDNS=:
# Cloudflare:
# Google:
# Quad9:


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Thanks TriMoon!

I wasn’t aware of Quad9.


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If you guys don’t mind me asking, what does it do, if I include it on the DNS Field? can I use them all?