Request for some ultrawide high resolution wallpapers

Hello, i couldn’t find any ultrawide manjaro wallpapers, so i thought i would make a request, maybe somebody has the time and joy in making some? I really love the manjaro-cat, but it is just in a too small resolution for my new monitor to look glorious as it could be #firstworldproblems

Or maybe someone has a link to the original sources for the manjaro wallpapers, and i could render them myself i guess (assuming they are some sort of render files)

Have you seen this thread?

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Yes i have, but i haven’t seen 21:9 wallpapers. The problem with the 16:9 ones is, that either the resolution gets poor, because you have to zoom in to fit to width, an therefore you loose pixels in the height, or content gets cut from the top and bottom, and they don’t look as originally intended anymore.

Hi all,

Could you ask me a question, which is this “cat” wallpaper

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Sure, it’s this one, that gets delivered by default with the Manjaro KDE Version


Maybe these:
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Have you tried to extend it with GIMP to the resolution you need? Ex:

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Oh thank you very much! I’m not much a synthwave fan, but maybe something there will hit my nerve :slight_smile:

That is not a good idea in my opinion, because 1. it will distort the image and 2. it would still be horror for the sharpness because it would just bloat the pixels.

That one is the creation of @muser that seems no longer activates around. You will have to ask permission to make a different iteration of that wallpaper.

@muser if you ever read this, pls hear my prayers from the ultrawidemasterrace! :smiley:

Yeah, if it wasn’t for the user to be still active I could make a 4k of manjaro-cat thanks to the amazing free inkscape/gimp tools, of manjaro-cat

But without the author’s permissions, it’s only on the Creto PC

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