Request for a android app of this forum

Hello community!
I was just wondering how great it would be if we had an android version of this forum. Of course, no desktop app is necessary, but having to use this website on a mobile browser sucks. We get slow loading times, inconvenient UI, and a lot of other stuff. There are a lot of great android developers in here. One of them I know being @sawdoctor and many others I don’t know. This thing won’t see any progress here. So feel free to tag members of the team to bring this to everyone’s mind. Hope everyone bring this to mind!

Edit: Should I move this to Member Hub?

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Yeah I agree. There should be an android app for this. :confused:

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You mean like this one?

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Nope. I already have it. It just gives release announcements, info about manjaro and download it’s images. I (or maybe we) want a “forum” app.

The forum software itself is already pretty mobile browser friendly…

Not sure what you want that the browser can’t give you…

A better option: good web interface on variable screen sizes so the forum works well on all kinds of devices. Edit: Seems this is a reality allready :smiley:

Asking for this on the discourse forum would be the best place.

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Good idea.

I just said it as even the smallest forum(s) have their own app. I (or maybe a lot of people) spend time here. So waiting for 15-20 secs for each page isn’t worth it. And a lot of other stuff.

I don’t get slow loading times. Your phone and/or mobile network must be slow.

Maybe, but by slow page times, I mean every topic reloads (or renders a new page) for some reason.

FYI, Discourse forums already provide a PWA (Progressive Web App) you can install on any platform.

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Strange. On my Note 9 (Android 10), it takes me 2-3 seconds per topic to load using Firefox on mobile network. On my OnePlus 3T (Android 11), it takes about 3-5 seconds. Discourse mobile website is already like an App. It is so smooth, fast, and fluid. You can use Firefox to create a webapp as well on Android.

More than likely, a Manjaro Forum app, would just be a web wrapper. Might as well use your web browser, or make a webapp with Firefox.

You can try Discourse Hub but it has horrible ratings.

Yeah, that didn’t work for me.

No, when I searched for “mobile app”, I saw many threads that were ignored. So I didn’t think they would be helpful.

Anyways, I guess I don’t have any other option but to take firefox as the best available option. So feel free to stop contributing to this thread.