New Manjaro Mobile Application

Hello community,
We are developing a mobile application for Manjaro Homepage. Also, it will notify you about updates or news. For now, only the android versions are built, but we use a method to build both(in future IOS can be built).

You can share your thoughts. Also, it is pre-release so it can contain bugs.

Features which is added in the future:

  • Notification section
  • Feedback section
  • Embedded image(iso) background downloader
  • Your ideas…

Some pictures

v1.0.4 Updates

Mirrors page added,
Branch compare page added.

v1.0.3 Updates

Fixed some bugs,
Performance improvements,
Added white theme,
Updated some informations.

v1.0.2 Updates

Added News Screen,
Added connection status,
Fixed some bugs.

I will add F-droid soon.
Google Play
Signed APK
Source Code


I can see this being fun and useful.
Maybe a way to notify you of new news items would be nice?
For now though it is mostly the website as an app ?


Thanks for your feedback.
You are right about the notify and I add to it my todos. Before do that, we have to improve the manjaro-api.

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I think UI looks very tidy well done.


Sadly I can’t install it. Way too old android version on my device = 4.4.2 from the gnobo rom v8.
Anyway, from the screen shots looks great.

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If you want edit your post and we can move this to public QA @oguzkagan

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When I upload to Google play(it needs some configs), then we can move it.

@codesardine I edited post. where we move it?

QA if you testing we also have news? or I can create a new category under manjaro development.

A new category is a good option. If you can, I will appreciate it.

Done :+1:


This is cool, thanks!

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Hi Guys, I installed the app today, from the Google PlayStore. The interface seems to be great. I guess that the app will be useful after it’s completely developed. Thank you !! Keep Developing !! All the best !!

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Hi @oguzkagan, a typo error in the Download section
Otherwise, very nice app!

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Ops! :sweat_smile: Great Catch, thanks :+1:

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You should remove that last part &hl=tr which makes the link fixed to Turkish…
Kolay gelsin :wink:

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I noticed one glitch where the app is crashing:

Hit “Download” and then use the back-arrow <- : App crashes.

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Can we roll out it on F-Droid repo as well?


Great looking app. Good UI.
What is its goal? With the homepage as an app, one could easily think the goal is marketing.
Nought wrong with that, but it’s not the kind of that rocks my boat.

I prefer the informative / tech helper kind.
Making an app off the wiki, including:

  • diagnostics tools (one would have to be something to help people evaluate whether they need to ask for support or not…too many individuals tend to ask when they haven’t even tried a fix of their own)

  • (if the app indicates that asking for help is necessary) - ways to contact support people: maybe the Manjaro Team is too stretched, but maybe some very knowledgeable forum members here could be considered if they are ok with the idea.
    I’m thinking of either an inside app text chat facility or simply support people profiles including a link to their Whatsapp.

I know this is an entirely different project. See that you’re working on an app inspired me. If i went too far, tell me :wink: