Repo request, xfe file manager

I hink it would be nice to have available in the repo XFE, it can be built, but in my experience, most people don’t bother with that, especially since building XFE involves installing fox and make, which during configure isn’t super apparent, well, fox anyway. And I’m probably being selfish as it’s my “comfy” file manager :slight_smile:

From the AUR page, it seems comfortable enough to install AUR (en) - xfe

If you really need a file browser that “feels like Windows Explorer” :grinning::person_shrugging:

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xfe is foss, Over time, I’ve made several helpful scripts to be used with it; it’s quite configurable.

edit: hmm, the second guy I replied to must’ve deleted his comment. That being said … Just about every x file manager takes on the windows explorer look, and xfe just looks like most others. With regard to AUR, is it apparent to a person who has just installed Manjaro? I searched the repository using pacman and received no hits for xfe, and I posted a comment here thinking that the atmosphere would be quite different than stackoverflow; I may have to re-think that.

I’ve moved your topic to the proper category. Please read: About the Feature Request category

At this point in time, I will not be adding any new packages to the Manjaro repos. However…

The AUR community has the ability to vote for packages in the AUR. If a package becomes popular enough — provided it has a compatible license and good packaging technique — it may be entered into the extra repository

Arch User Repository - ArchWiki


AUR packages would not be apparent in pamac GUI on a fresh install because AUR support is not enabled by default

But pamac CLI can search AUR or view package information with -a / --aur option:

  • pamac search -a xfe
  • pamac info -a xfe

Users are recommended to install base-devel metapackage (includes make’) before building AUR packages.
pamac will ask to install the additional dependencies to build XFE

$ pamac build xfe
Checking xfe dependencies...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To install (2):
  fox       1:1.6.57-3  (Required By: xfe)  extra  3.4 MB
  intltool  0.51.0-6    (Required By: xfe)  extra  
To build (1):
  xfe       1.46.1-1                        AUR

Total download size: 3.4 MB
Total installed size: 9.0 MB

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N]

Windows Explorer has a similar look to predecessor Windows File Manager
GitHub - microsoft/winfile: Original Windows File Manager (winfile) with enhancements