Removing * breaks dependency * required by * && remove * and retry


i have tried to “pamac build ffmpeg-amd-full-git” on 5.10.23-1-MANJARO and it

  1. warns about dependency and removing mpv (hard to understand why while mpv is my app for multimedia)

Warning: removing ffmpeg breaks dependency ‘’ required by mpv
Add mpv to remove

  1. fails to proceed due to numerous broken dependencies, for example:
  • removing mpv breaks dependency ‘mpv’ required by smplayer,
  • if possible, remove smplayer and retry

i do not understand why it wants to do so stupid action like removing mpv and then it fails removing because it is required by other app and tells me to remove both app while i want to use them. I do not want to remove mpv and certainly not smplayer.

So how to proceed now so i do not need to do stupid action like removing mpv and other tools and then installing them again after pamac build finish?

In the pamac build man page i can not see any related switch for this.

I have included all the complained dependencies and full output HERE.

Please keep your stupid pet problems in the same thread of yours.

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That’s not stupid that is how it works.

You want to remove/replace a required component for other application, so you have an issue. Remove the application requiring what you want to remove first, then do your thing, then reinstall the application you had to remove.

This is perfectly normal and the expected behavior to not end up with a broken system, when the user thinks he’s smarter than the package manager application.

You can safely remove mpv and smplayer, and replace them by vlc…
So, no more dependency issue :slight_smile:

@yannssolo interesting idea, but i have more than one reason not to do it. I have mentioned i do not want to remove mpv and other package and no one yet mentioned how to do without it. Yet another reason why Linux is not friendly operating system. You want newest version of the software (that has no pre-built binary released by the dev. but has AUR and tar.xz) and you want to keep it up to date and there is a problem, you end up on the command line and package manager want to remove various other SW and fails to do the task. Beginer user would not understand at all the output of the pamac, not speaking about users with bad english.

That’s not stupid that is how it works.

it does not mean it should be like that or that there is no way to do it otherwise, is there?

It definitely should be like that, see previous point I made.

Maybe you should try a fixed release, it might suit you more than a rolling release.

As far as i know, there issues, anyway, in AUR comments for this package

The AUR is not a toy for beginners and installing something like a ffmpeg custom build require some knowledge

You need to first build the package and then install it, AUR helpers are unsuitable for this task

For an optimal workflow is better to build ffmpeg-amd-full-git and its dependencies with chrootbuild (from manjaro-chrootbuild) and making your own local repository with a static webserver like darkhttpd

start from scratch:

What is it that you want to do?
(perhaps also: Why do you want to do it?)

Perhaps this thread was split off of another some time ago?
Perhaps there is some context?
I don’t know.
That info could be helpful.

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Nope just random non sense rant.

mkay - perhaps “he” can still recover from it?
If he still want’s to.