Remove HDMI/DP 1 DP 2 etc from System Sound Menu?

To keep short. I have fixed my sound output and system microphone input by adding this to alsa-base.conf

options snd-hda-intel dmic_detect=1

How on earth do I disable or remove these HDMI sound output from the menu? It’s just a little clunky to have when I will never use them and get in the way of easy access of the master sound and microphone volume. Thank you.

Pulseaudio detects them as input devices? “Smart Sound Technology Audio Controller”

Smart Sound Technology Audio Controller is the built-in digital microphone array (DMIC)

if you have kernel v5.7 or later, I suggest you check system with

sudo dmesg | grep snd

response will probably show a message that the option dmic_detect=1 has been deprecated

dmic_detect option is deprecated, pass snd-intel-dspcfg.dsp_driver=1 option instead

If you wish to keep internal DMIC disabled, change the file /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.base.conf to this

options snd-intel-dspcfg dsp_driver=1
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