Remote Control (RDP) of WIndows Guest OS on Oracle VirtualBox

I don’t know if this is off topic but here is my question

My PC is fast, Manjaro KDE/Plasma. (lot of RAM, SSD etc)

My wife PC is too slow for windows and she now is running Manjaro Cinnamon.

She would like to be able to use Microsoft Word from time to time (she doesn’t want to learn Libre Office etc)


I have a VM (Windows 10 ) running on Oracle VirtualBox on my PC and am trying to share it with her, so she can take control of it using Remmina. I also tried and a BUNCH of other (Tiger…) RDP client.

I can’t figure out a way for my wife to get a normal Full Screen of the Remote Windows OS running on my PC…

I always endup with a small Windows 10 screen on her screen…

Is it something that can be done ? ( She’s ok with Manjaro for everything else but from time to time accessing Windows WORD, would be nice)

This is your major issue you should address instead of trying a remote control access of Windoze guest OS on a miracle VB or something similar strange. :grimacing:

There are other word processing apps in the Manjaro repos:

  • softmaker-office-2024
  • freeoffice
  • libstaroffice

In AUR you find even more:

If you desperately require MS Office, you could use the online version:

sudo pacman -Syu microsoft-office-web-jak
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Note that the resolution you get over RDP is exactly what you run your VM at. If you are running a VM with a 640x480 screen :wink: . …

Normally it should be possible to change the virtual machine screen size in Virtualbox to a resolution that best suits your client.
There may be better solutions. But you would have to look for that at Virtualbox-forum (not at Manjaro-forum)

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I understand this as a typical X-Y problem. X is “My significant other wants to keep using Word” and Y being “I will run Windows in a VM”, which comes with its lot of issues, such as yours.

First off I don’t recommend VirtualBox, especially to run Windows as you’ll end up wasting resources anyway (see Chris Titus Tech recommendation/tutorial: ).

But let’s address the elephant in the room: you don’t need Windows to run Word. You can install and use Office under Wine. To add to what Wollie said, there is also OnlyOffice, which compatibility with Office is way higher than (Libre|Open)Office. The last one, which I would discourage against if you value your privacy, is to use Office 365.

If you’re desperate about virtualizing Windows on Linux, I’d recommend Qemu/KVM/VirtManager anyway. See the video link I mentioned above.

Hope this helps.

I did htis once - I searched to see if I made a topic about it - perhaps I only added it to my notepad

I’m in the same boat due to compatibility with other people, so I’m always connected to a Windows 10 machine via RDP to edit docx and xlsx files and access Adobe products.

In Remmina I enable “Toggle Dynamic resolution update” then enable “Full Screen”


And in KRDC I set a “Custom Resolution” or simply use “Current Screen Resolution” then enable full screen