Remarkable (Markdown Editor)

I would like to vote to have the package “Remarkable” added to the official repos, it is an excellent Markdown Editor and would even say a little better than ReText that is already available.

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It’s already in the AUR. Adding it to the official repos makes little to no difference.


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AUR (en) - remarkable

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Not exactly true.

It’ll make extra work for the person that adds it, as someone from the team or the community, depending on the repo, now has to maintain it. So it makes a difference.

Not to the user, though.

Yes that is true but what I meant was using the AUR one vs the repo one will not make much difference…so…use from the AUR :man_shrugging:

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I edited my answer. :wink:

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Considering the stance of the Manjaro team, that people should be mindful about how they use the AUR, I do see a difference between it being in the curated repository or the AUR.
I also understand the point @Mirdarthos is making, which is perfectly valid. Personally I don’t know how the Manjaro team chooses which software to include into the repos, and which to drop, but a post like the OP was a perfectly respectful expression of a wish. It might not be granted, but it’s the only way of communicating that desire.

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Won’t implement.

There has been no stable release since 2018 and no active development since 2021.